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May 9, 2007 01:40 PM

Best Pizza in DC Metro Area

I'm new to the area and I'm coming from New York City where there is great pizza on every corner. I haven't been able to find anything that comes even close to New York style pizza in the district. Anyone have suggestions?

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  1. Pizzeria Paradiso and 2 Amys are the best pizzas around here. They are Neopolitan style and not New York style. As for New York style, there probably won't be anything here that will satisfy you.

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    1. re: ChewFun

      I agree with ChewFun. There's some good pizza here, but there aren't good corner slice joints, and most of it isn't NY style. I humbly recommend you learn to enjoy what is unique and good about DC (and there is lots), and don't look for NY here.

      1. re: Smokey

        I third both of these posters. DC isn't a New York pizza town. But that certainly never turned me off of 2 Amys, which I think is the best in the area, and among my favorite pizzas anywhere. Vace is also terrific, if you want takeout.

        1. re: ftrain

          I completely agree with ftrain, ChewFun, and Smokey. IMHO, 2 Amys is the best Neapolitan style pizza in DC with Pizzeria Paradiso coming in a close second. As for New York style, I've yet to try anything comparable here in DC. One pizza place I wonder about is Ella's in Penn Quarter, but I've never been there.

          1. re: Gigi007

            Ella's has nothing in common with NY-style pizza.

      2. re: ChewFun

        Tony's is good. I live about 10 minutes from Tony's.

        THOMAS'S in Woodbridge, VA on Route 1....blows it away in my opinion though. It's just so delicious. It's NY style. Even the fried calamari is delicious.

        1. re: JEDIKNIGHT

          if Tony's is NY-style, it's *bad* NY-style. doesn't even come close to the better offerings up north.

      3. Washington Deli at 20th and I says it's pizza is "Long Island style.'' No Grandma pizza in sight but they do have good pies with basic toppings plus a happening Sicilian. I agree that nothing in DC compares to NYC but this place is worth checking out if you';re downtown.
        Also, Matthew's in Baltimore is great. Not NY style, but delicious and totally original. The place has been around since WW II.

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        1. re: dan f.

          As a born and raised New Yorker I also bemoan the lack of neighborhood pizza. Washington Deli is pretty good if you're looking for slices and sicilian. Their lunch special is pretty good. I'd go here again.

        2. I believe there have been some recent threads on this you could search. I would link, but I am just too lazy at the moment. Some really long ones as I remember. Italian Store in Arlington is good, but there has been general agreement in almost all threads that nothing here is going to be quite the same so be prepared.

          1. If you like Patsy's pizza in NY, you might like the pizza at Amici Mei in Potomac, or is it Rockville? Its not cooked in a coal oven, but its similar.

            1. Matchbox or Ella's in Penn Quarter (wood-burning ovens). Vacce in Cleveland Park (for take out), and the Italian Store in Arlington (take out) are probably the closest to NY style. 2 Amys and Pizzeria Paradiso are good too. I had a very good pizza once at Sorriso in Cleveland Park, but that was a couple years ago.

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              1. re: MBinDC

                I 2nd Vacce in Cleveland Park. I'm not even a big pizza lover but I tried my bfs once and it was pretty tasty.

                1. re: MBinDC

                  MBinDC: Are you affiliated with MatchBox in DC? If so, you should be candid about your affialition when recommending your own restaurant.

                  1. re: MBinDC

                    Matchbox is nothing like a New York slice. Although, it's quality gourmet.