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Ice Cream "blasts," "blizzards"...which chain has the best?

Ok, so just went to Bruster's because I wanted to try one of their "blasts" but I was very dissapointed. By the time the girl gave it to me the ice cream was soupy and luke warm. yuck. i know sonic offers these as well as DQ. I used to love McDonald's flurries, but I refuse to endorse that company. Anyway, opinions, please.

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  1. When I want to splurge I often will go to my local DQ for a blizzard, and I always enjoy them ... certainly not the best treat in the world, but consistently good, despite the fact that the kids who make them seem to be about twelve !

    1. My vote is for the TCBY Shiver. Yum!

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        I second the Shiver. My favorite is peanut butter with oreo

      2. I'm partial to Dairy Queen because I worked there when I was 15 years old. And yes, I probably looked like I was 12! Anyways, as long as you know what to order, its amazing. I try to leave the hot fudge out of the blizzards because it tends to melt them (thats what they put in the cookie dough blizzards) and instead I ask for cocoa fudge which is chilled and really rich. Also, some stores have frozen yogurt soft serve which is REALLY good and can be used in the Blizzards. Yum.

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          My local Dairy Queen used to have the frozen yogurt but they stopped serving it a few summers ago. I was very upset.

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            Oh how I want a *Breeze* -- the Blizzard but with frozen yogurt. DQ has THE BEST vanilla frozen yogurt, and they add a ridiculously wonderful amount of rainbow sprinkles :-)

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            I worked at a DQ when I was 15 too :) Fun job. And I am still partial to DQ Blizzards. Other places make good ones, but the soft serve at DQ is the best of any place I have tried and that is the key.

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              Have you tried B&J's soft serve? Also...do you have an opinion of Sonic's Blast?

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              Dairy Queen was my first job at 16yrs old. My favorite is the Tropical blizzard (banana, coconut, & pecans) or the Turtle blizzard(chocolate cone dip, butterscotch, and pecans). Yum.

            3. Have you ever had a "Blast" from Baskin-Robbins? They have a few different flavors, but my absolute FAVE (the one I positively DREAM about) is the Mocha Blast--coffee, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup... YUM!! VERY refreshing AND you get a nice little caffeine high, too! :)

              1. That's really surprising,Brusters here (Orlando area) are excellent,never had a blast ,but have had a few hot fudge shakes,and i must say it is the best I've ever had, and being an old fat guy ,that has delighted himself with every fattening treat i could find coast to coast (literally) that's saying something!. Izzizzi, if there is another Bruster's in your area give'm a nother try,,oh and Dairy Queen is pretty good too,enjoy!.

                1. I actually like the cookies n' cream at El Pollo Loco.

                  1. when i lived in the US friendly's had a cyclone, but then changed the name to friend-z (i think). in any case, i loved the reese's pb kind because they mixed it with pb cups, chocolate sauce and the pb sauce.

                    1. I used to work at a Dairy Queen and I was hooked on chocolate chip cookie dough blizzards like some people are hooked on crack. My favorite way to make one was with a mix of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, 2 shots of hot fudge and double the cookie dough. (no, I wasn't pregnant at the time). We also had this thing called a strawberry mister misty which was a mix of the plain slush ice (sugar and water put in an ice cream freezer so that is the right consistency for a slush) and the strawberries that they use for strawberry sundaes. That was probably my favorite thing there.

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                        Mmmmm...when I was little I would often get a Mr. Misty freeze which was the slushy concoction ohromujici described (there were several flavors to choose from) mixed with soft serve vanilla ice cream and it was delicious!!

                      2. The original DQ Blizzard is still the best of this concept!

                        1. It depends...if you want to feel alright afterward, DQ blizzard is the way to go.

                          But if it's an "I know I'll hate myself later, but screw it, I NEED ice cream" type of thing, a concrete from Culver's is pure sin.

                          1. My favorite chain one is at DQ. It was a mint base with oreos. It was delicious last time I had it.

                            However, my all-time favorite is from a little ice cream stand in Royal Oak, MI called Jimmy's. It's just open in the summers and I remember going there when I was little. You used to pick either chocolate or vanilla soft serve ice cream and up to three mix ins. I always picked vanilla with pb cups, health bar and sometimes chocolate chunks. Absolutely divine!

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                              i live in troy but have never heard of jimmy's. where is it? ray's on coolidge gets most of the of the press as a royal oak favorite.