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May 9, 2007 01:05 PM

Ice Cream "blasts," "blizzards"...which chain has the best?

Ok, so just went to Bruster's because I wanted to try one of their "blasts" but I was very dissapointed. By the time the girl gave it to me the ice cream was soupy and luke warm. yuck. i know sonic offers these as well as DQ. I used to love McDonald's flurries, but I refuse to endorse that company. Anyway, opinions, please.

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  1. When I want to splurge I often will go to my local DQ for a blizzard, and I always enjoy them ... certainly not the best treat in the world, but consistently good, despite the fact that the kids who make them seem to be about twelve !

    1. My vote is for the TCBY Shiver. Yum!

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        I second the Shiver. My favorite is peanut butter with oreo

      2. I'm partial to Dairy Queen because I worked there when I was 15 years old. And yes, I probably looked like I was 12! Anyways, as long as you know what to order, its amazing. I try to leave the hot fudge out of the blizzards because it tends to melt them (thats what they put in the cookie dough blizzards) and instead I ask for cocoa fudge which is chilled and really rich. Also, some stores have frozen yogurt soft serve which is REALLY good and can be used in the Blizzards. Yum.

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          My local Dairy Queen used to have the frozen yogurt but they stopped serving it a few summers ago. I was very upset.

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            Oh how I want a *Breeze* -- the Blizzard but with frozen yogurt. DQ has THE BEST vanilla frozen yogurt, and they add a ridiculously wonderful amount of rainbow sprinkles :-)

          2. re: thunderbug84

            I worked at a DQ when I was 15 too :) Fun job. And I am still partial to DQ Blizzards. Other places make good ones, but the soft serve at DQ is the best of any place I have tried and that is the key.

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              Have you tried B&J's soft serve? you have an opinion of Sonic's Blast?

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              Dairy Queen was my first job at 16yrs old. My favorite is the Tropical blizzard (banana, coconut, & pecans) or the Turtle blizzard(chocolate cone dip, butterscotch, and pecans). Yum.

            3. Have you ever had a "Blast" from Baskin-Robbins? They have a few different flavors, but my absolute FAVE (the one I positively DREAM about) is the Mocha Blast--coffee, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup... YUM!! VERY refreshing AND you get a nice little caffeine high, too! :)

              1. That's really surprising,Brusters here (Orlando area) are excellent,never had a blast ,but have had a few hot fudge shakes,and i must say it is the best I've ever had, and being an old fat guy ,that has delighted himself with every fattening treat i could find coast to coast (literally) that's saying something!. Izzizzi, if there is another Bruster's in your area give'm a nother try,,oh and Dairy Queen is pretty good too,enjoy!.