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May 9, 2007 12:27 PM

Good dim sum near a Bart Station

We're coming into town Saturday morning from the Dublin Bart station to spend the day. We're looking for a place to have dim sum that's reasonably priced and good quality. This is the first thing we want to do when we arrive. Since we'll be taking the Bart in, we'd like to find someplace that easily accessable from a bart station. I'm not looking for anything like Yank Sing as my kids are treating me to a Mother's Day brunch...they're teenagers. We'd rather not pay for all that atmosphere. Does anyone have suggestions, along with directions? Thanks!!

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  1. Assuming you mean IN San Francisco, "near BART" is a tough criterion. Your best bet might be Tian Sing, on Cyril Magnin St. (formerly 5th St. North) very near the Powell St. Station.

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      Yes I mean in SF. Sorry I didn't clarify that as it would just as easily have meant Oakland. I'm not opposed to a bit of walking or possibly hopping on a bus. thanks for the suggestion. I'll take a look!

    2. It seems like the best options are to go Chinatown in SF or Chinatown in Oakland.

      I think Gold Mountain dim sum would meet your criteria, and it's about a 10-15 minute walk from Montgomery BART. If you are okay with that kind of walk, this or other places around there would work well.

      You could also go slightly out of your way and go to Oakland Chinatown....I haven't had dim sum there, but I know there are some good options there that are very close to BART.

      Dave MP

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        I'd say a good 20 minute walk to Gold Mountain, but a fun though touristy walk up Grant Avenue.

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          Another SF Chinatown option is Kan's, which is also a walk from Montgomery BART, although several or more blocks less of one than Gold Mountain.

          Personally, however, I'd keep going to Milbrae also and make a reservation at one of the spots Melanie mentions.

        2. I would bypass SF and continue on to the Millbrae BART station. Be sure to make a reservation (if possible) for the spot you choose: HK Flower Lounge, Zen Peninsula, The Kitchen.

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            Millbrae's another 35 minutes past Powell on BART, and they might have to wait up to 15 minutes for a return train, so that's a big chunk out of the day.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              The trade-off is between travel time and waiting in a crowd for an hour at places that don't take reservations at lunch time. HK Flower Lounge is particularly good about honoring reservations, but sometimes doesn't take them for holidays. It's across the street from Millbrae BART. I can't speak for the other places. Expect any of the dim sum houses to be mobbed with waits of an hour or more unless you are the very first seating of the day and get there before the doors open.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I'm going to agree with Robert here. The BART ride (not including waiting for trains) is 1 hr and 23 minutes from Dublin to Millbrae, and then another 30 minutes from Millbrae back to downtown SF. I personally would be willing to take a train this far for dim sum, but most people I know (not as obsessed with dim sum as me) would not be excited to do this, especially when there is good dim sum in SF Chinatown and Oakland.

                Places like Kan's and Gold Mountain are pretty crowded, but the wait isn't terrible, especially when it's nice out. Also, on the walk through Chinatown you can pick up some good snacks to tide you over while you wait.

                Dave MP

                1. re: Dave MP

                  I think that Kan's takes reservations even for smaller groups, and aside from the fact that I like the dim sum at Kan's more than at Gold Mountain,(and the fact that it is closer to BART) it has a nicer atmosphere...and the really cool bar at Kan's would make it a festive choice if you want a drink....

                  However, Gold Mountain is somewhat cheaper than Kan's, IIRC.

              2. re: Melanie Wong

                We are not the original poster but we ended up in HK Flower Lounge for lunch today. Busy but good food - we liked the chinese brocoli, mushrooms, and one of the shrimp dumplings. And knowing it was near the BART helped us find it.

                My spouse says when he has a long layover at SFO, he'll probably go there again!

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                  Glad that worked for you, thanks for reporting in on Mothers Day.

                  Here's mrsmegawatt's post for Tian Sing,

              3. Canton Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant is pretty close to the Montgomery Bart Station. It's not great, but it's reasonably priced and it's the only one that I can think of that's close to a Bart Station. There's also City View in the financial district, but I don't know much about their dim sum -- I've never been there. You could, however, easily take the Muni up to Chinatown and have much better dim sum at Gold Mountain. And, if you want a bit of an adventure, you could continue on Bart to Millbrae and have dim sum at Hong Kong Flower Lounge -- it's very close to the Bart station..

                Canton Dim Sum and Seafood:

                Gold Mountain:

                Hong Kong Flower Lounge:

                City View:

                1. Gary's rec of Tian Sing is a good & convenient choice. If you want something cheaper (actually it's dirt cheap), and don't mind a Muni ride to Chinatown, I recently had dim sum with a bunch of people at Y Ben House and was quite impressed given its cheapness. Many past reports here about it; basically it's a bustling crazy, unkempt, full of Chinese families kind of place with okay to good quality, and silly cheap (less than $9 per person after stuffing ourselves). Y Ben House is at 835 Pacific, 1/2 block west of Stockton.

                  Various options to get to Chinatown: 30 or 45 Muni bus, Powell Cable Car, taxi. It's actually kind of fun to ride the 30 or 45 (same route) through Chinatown soaking in the atmosphere before going for dim sum, and having 2 lines to choose from means almost no wait for the next bus.

                  BTW Gold Mountain is one block further norht on Stockton, and half block east.

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                  1. re: Alice Patis

                    I'll third the Tian Sing recommendation. I did a big conference at the Hilton a few weeks ago and ate there for lunch on Saturday. We walked in about 12:15 and had no problems with getting seated. Food was good, not too expensive, so should meet your criteria. We had some great tofu bars (I'm a dim sum pointer).

                    Since you asked for directions: Powell St. station, take the escalators up to Powell St., go up Powell a few blocks, left on Sutter(? the one before O'Farrell), a few blocks down, it will be on your right on the corner of Cyril Magnin. It's directly behind the Hotel Nikko in the same block.

                    1. re: 512window

                      The street before O'Farrell is Ellis.