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Homemade chicken fried steak.. I'm in SGV area?


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  1. My boyfriend really likes the chicken fried steak at JR Cafe

    JR Cafe
    512 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776
    (626) 457-8898

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    1. Twohey's
      1224 North Atlantic Blvd.

      1. I had a very good CFS at the Nano Cafe in Monrovia (corner of Michillinda and Sierra Madre - http://www.sangabrielvalleymenus.com/... ) but it's a bit odd in that it's batter-dipped and appears to be deep fried instead of being floured and pan fried. Flavor and texture were wonderful.

        A bit further afield, I had an excellent CFS at Henry Moffett's in Bellflower (http://www.henrymoffettschickenpies.com/ ) - I'd actually gone to the restaurant to try the chicken pot pies, but was side-tracked by the CFS that another table ordered. Can't recall the sides, but the steak was fork tender and pretty close to perfect.

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          Nano is in Pasadena, across the road from sierra madre. Michillinda north off the 210.

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            You're right, my bad. Thanks for catching that. I *think* I was thinking about having read somewhere that there's a second Nano Cafe in ... Monrovia or Arcadia? and got sidetracked whilst typing.

            Is there a second Nano Cafe?

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              Yes, there is a second Nano Cafe in Monrovia (on Duarte, just past Mayflower).

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                Thanks for the reassurance that I wasn't imagining things (er, having heard about the other location, that is - no comment on anything else imagined).

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                    *laughing* Nope, you were right - I was referring to the one located in Pasadena (and that's where I was trying to give directions to) when I said it was in Monrovia. So it's me who was bad *grinning*.

                    (But I imagine that the CFS at both locations is good!)

        2. I don't care what anyone says. Claim Jumpers makes a darn good CFS !

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            Agreed, though CHILI's CFS is my FAVE!! I have never had one better. Nano's doesn't come close. I posted on it a while ago...

          2. Although most of the menu is average at best, the Monrovian makes a pretty darned good chicken fried steak. Corner of Myrtle and Colorado.

            1. IN SGV – NO. I tried all those places mentioned so far and do not really like any of them and some are just bad. CFS is one thing that I live for. Here is what I do. In fact I will be heading to the Swing Inn down in Temecula in the morning for (IMO) the best breakfast CFS in the state but a little closer to SGV is The Pines in Lancaster or maybe better is Flo’s Airport Café in Chino. Wait, there is Henry Moffett’s in Bellflower. But of all these only the Swing Inn and Flo’s make it fresh. All the others are frozen but they do a good job with The Pines doing it best for the frozen kind and Henry coming in a close second. But Flo's or the Swing Inn is really worth the drive.

              Flo's Airport cafe at the Chino airpot. (Chicken Fried Steak, porkchops and eggs)
              Chino Airport on Merrill Ave. east of Euclid. From the 60 go South on Euclid. From the 71.go north

              Henry Moffett's Chicken Pies (Lunch or dinner -- Fried Chicken, Chicken Pot Pie & fruit Pies, Eat inside or take out (Baked or ready to bake at home) open for breakfast only on Fri, Sat and Sun. ? Fried Chicken & Waffles, Fried Chicken & eggs, Chicken Pot Pie & Eggs, Chicken Fried Steak and eggs)
              16506 Lakewood Blvd
              Bellflower, CA 90706-5193
              (562) 925-5061

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                oh my gosh I totally want it to be homemade... Not frozen for sure.. gee that puts me back a little.. for the hunt. Well Chino isn't that far maybe I will try that place Flo's Huh?

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                  The best I have had in Cal. so far are Swing Inn down in Temecula and Harris Ranch up the 5 fry half-way to SF. Harris uses a fresh New York Strip -- bliss! But there has been so much talk on Chowhound about Bake n Broil doing so many things right, and now robl mentions a CFS on the menu, I will be going soon -- maybe in the morning. I planed for The Swing Inn today but my wife took me to San Diego for a big birthday lunch. Now, we will be going to the Swing In on Saturday morning to meet family. Therefore I think I should do the dirty work and compare the Bake n Broil CFS on Friday against Swing Inn on Sat. This will be hard work but someone must do it.

                  Bake n Broil
                  3697 Atlantic Ave
                  Long Beach, CA 90807
                  (562) 595-0396

              2. Not in SGV, but what about Bake n Broil in Long Beach. Everything they make seems to be "from scratch" and wouldn't be surprised if this was not exception. I know it's on the menu, but have never tried it.

                Bake n Broil
                3697 Atlantic Ave
                Long Beach, CA 90807
                (562) 595-0396

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                  I used to live right down the street from Bake N Broil..That was my favorite restaurant to go to when I needed a good home cooked meal without having to make it myself. I miss that place.. How bout Nino's down the block Italian food.. Have you been there? You ought to if you have time ..The best Pasta Primavera such a great flavor!!! You can't even finish it they give you so much.

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                    Jongewaard's Bake 'n Broil (good -- Nuff Said!)
                    3697 Atlantic Ave (At 37th st.)
                    Long Beach, CA 90807
                    (562) 595-0396

                    I had the Chicken Fried Steak today for breakfast. A true CFS made with fresh (not frozen) steak and tenderized to the point that it is almost a burger but you still need the knife to cut it. I tried to cut it with a fork and really could not but once it is in your mouth it just seems to be so tender that it almost falls apart with one or two chews. There is also a seasoning of some kind at work and I think it is on the steak before it is lightly battered. I think this CFS is fried on a griddle and not in deep grease. It comes smothered in a real county gravy and I mean smothered. I like CFS smothered but it might be a good idea to ask for gravy on the side and add as you will because otherwise you may get more than you like. Flavor – yes! The steak taste like a true beef stake with a nice seasoning that is not overpowering. The batter is fine and no excess grease. It also came with the house hash browns which can have peppers and onions added which I requested. If you make that request ask for it to be light because I had almost as much peppers and onions as potatoes. I also asked for biscuits and gravy for $1 extra. The biscuits are like a real home-made country version and just like the CFS they were smothered. This is a real Southern style breakfast and probably the best CFS in the L.A. area.. The price was also reasonable at something like $8.50 plus $1 extra to upgrade to biscuits and gravy instead of toast or muffin. From the quality of the tenderized steak I wondered just how good their burgers must be. I will know next time I go.

                    If I noticed any problem it is that the CFS is a lot of food and from the counter seat where I was sitting I could see all those Cinnamon Rolls, Red Velvet and Chocolate cupcakes, Sticky Buns, Blueberry muffins, Cakes and pies on the racks just across from by the cash register. When I stood by the cash register to pay my bill I could not resist (maybe that is why they put those racks right next to the Cash register) adding the first four items listed above (packaged to go) and still my bill was less than $22 (CFS w/ eggs and biscuits & gravy, coffee, Cinnamon Roll, one Red Velvet and one Chocolate cupcake, and one Sticky Bun – all for dessert tonight). Thanks to all Chowhounds for this rec.

                    One final note, after trying this CFS you must still try the Swing Inn down in Old Town Temecula. You decide which is better for your self – longer drive notwithstanding.

                2. I agree CJ serves a very good CFS. While not in the SGV I also like the CFS @ Mrs Knotts Chicken Kitchen @ Buena Park.