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May 9, 2007 11:44 AM

Okonomiyaki in Georgetown

I had passed by this place called Snap on Thomas Jefferson Street (near Thomas Jefferson and K) and saw that it had bubble tea, so daring to be adventurous (basically not allowing myself to eat Chipotle anymore) I ventured in for lunch. To my surprise okonomiyaki was on the menu and so I opted for the squid (ran out of shrimp)..

I've only eaten okonomiyaki once before but it was really good, even though I had it at a high school fair. I expected nothing less here. I like to think of okonomiyaki as a pancake but it's really filling (I only ate half of this one and I tend to eat a lot) so imagine a personal pizza without as much grease and made of cabbage and other non-pizza ingredients. Basically not pizza at all.

With some help from Wikipedia, I surmise my okonomiyaki was Osaka-style, topped with mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce, fish flakes and squid (because I ordered squid- some other options are shrimp, cheese and bacon). It was great- but could have been better with a fried egg on top- I'll have to suggest that next time. Of course that might just be me and my love for cholesterol.

True it was a bit pricey- $7.50, additional $1 for cheese (this is Georgetown after all and it's not more than a Chipotle burrito). Also don't come in a rush as the service was a tad slow since it's a small outfit with only 3 employees. . However, the food is good, the bubble tea is good (taro, not too sweet and with well-cooked bubbles). There's also the cutest outside patio in this converted Georgetown townhouse that on a nice day, makes you just want to idle the day away. Another thing to note is that they don't accept cash- for fear of being robbed I suppose. Have your Visa/Mastercard ready. The chef/owner also informed me that they just started serving okonomiyaki two weeks ago and this is the only place in town to get okonomiyaki as well and . So I suppose you should rush in for a try before word spreads.

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  1. Is Snap still refusing to sweeten their tapioca balls? I really want to like this place, but I was just so disappointed in their bubble tea. I've had bubble tea at SO many places in SO many cities, and I have never tasted unsweetened tapioca balls in a tea drink. When I complained, they insisted that they were doing it "the right way." Maddening. All the other bubble tea I've tried in the District has been terrible. No one seems to know how to prepare tapioca correctly. They're always chalky or mushy or flavorless.

    1. i love, love, love okonomiyaki. the waving fish flakes... the mayonnaise... the tangy sauce. i heard some mixed reviews about the authenticity of this place's okonomiyaki on this site but your review was pretty convincing... thanks! ill check it out.