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May 9, 2007 11:38 AM

Barcelona - 3 restaurants not to be missed!


my boyfriend are I are both in our late twenties, we'll going to Barcelona & Costa del sol.

We'll be spending 4 days in Barcelona, 5 in Costal del Sol & 1 day in Morocco.

I need recs for dinner for each night. I am looking for something truly authentic, charming, bustling with atmosphere, fair prices (one day affordable the other day we can splurge a it more). We love wine. I am looking for a romantic atmosphere.

We're probably only gonna go there once in our lives, we want to experience Spain all the way! Tell us what's not to be missed - and what tourist traps to avoid! In Barcelona, we'll visit one neighborhood per day. (Eixample, Barceloneta, etc.)

I'm also worried about Costal Del Sol (we'll be mostly staying in Marbella). If there's a true gem, not to be missed type of place, please let me know about it.

We love seafood, and we have no food restrictions.

Thanks so much!

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  1. I say this to everyone -- and ultimately all this recommending might lead to the restaurant's demise -- but in barceloneta i love can ros for seafood and rice dishes:

    Carrer Allmirall Aixada , 7
    9 32 21 50 49

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      Check out La Dolca Herminia off Via Laietana near the Urquinoana metro stop.

        1. re: la catalana

          Thank you! I'll be checking it our right this minute.

          We'll be going for sure to Cal Pep - hope we'll be able to get a seat there...

          What are the hippest places in Barcelona right now? Apparently El Bulli is fully booked for 2007.