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May 9, 2007 11:31 AM

Crescent City Steakhous on (N. Broad?)

has anyone been here, I remeber walking by here on Broad when walking toward Canal St.

Is it a really famous/best steakhouse in New Orleans, also is the original Ruth's Christ steakhouse still in N.O. or shuttered/


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  1. They re-opened post-K around December. We had dinner there two weeks ago. It's a traditional, family owned place that's been around forever, pretty no frills and yes, superb steaks. Sides (veggies and potatoes) are all a la carte and mostly good, not great (though we liked the creamed spinach a lot). If you go with 4 people or less get one of the old skool booths with curtains!

    Ruths Chris was a few blocks away on Broad -- still shuttered and not coming back. I've heard they based their formula and steak prep on Crescent City's so go for the original anyway!

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    1. re: MoonpieLover

      how are the prices? compared to other upscale joints? so skip the sides, and just do the steaks,


      desserts any good, like old fashioned cheesecake or new orleans style desserts?

      1. re: kevin

        Prices are moderate -- probably less than some of the higher end restaurants in town. It's still mostly locals so priced appropriately -- I've heard there's lots of old lore about political wheeling and dealing that went on there and may still.

        I did have had a well-made traditional martini, but I'm sorry to say I don't even recall what was on the dessert menu -- we had already planned to head up to Angelo Brocato's for afterward (it's not far) so I was on ice cream autofocus. Bad bad chowhounder!

        1. re: kevin

          This is not an upscale place by any means, but very old style New Orleans. I don't know what they have for dessert, never had room.

      2. I had dinner for 10 there 2 weeks ago for jazzfest. very good steaks, simple preparatins, expertly cooked. Dont miss the German potatoes. Also, ask for sauteed onions with brown sugar as a topper to put on your steaks. If looking for steaks in this seafood town, this is the spot.

        1. still a wonderfull place - had two old fashions, garlic bread, porterhouse for 2, creamed spinach, lyonaise potatoes, bordelaise sauce and a coffee - and the bill was $66 -