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May 9, 2007 11:05 AM

JKWB portions

Hi all,

I may be going to Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar tonight with a friend of mine, and we have no idea how this place works. What are the portion sizes of the mains like? Are dishes usually shared? How many dishes should two people with medium appetites order to feel satisfied?

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  1. these photos might help a bit and the plates tend to be about 8-10" in size unless you're getting something really tiny.

    for 6 ppl (2/3rds of the party male) we had 20 dishes and were quite satisfied, that's about 3 1/3 for each person. i've be known to pack away 8 dishes shared with my sister, but have gotten away with just 6 between me and a guy friend as well. it all depends on the richness of your dish choices and some tend to come a little bigger than others.

    i've watched pairs of people order for themselves but i always always share food no matter the restaurant... they're best shared between two people but three and above gets you about a forkful. the entrecote of beef is always on the menu with changing accompaniaments but the meat is pretty much about 6oz. all the mains tend to follow about the same size. dessert is usually tiny btw, get your own for sure!

    also, try to sit at the chef bar. best seats in the house. i've never liked being tucked away in the back corner and don't find the bartenders at the other bar add to the atmosphere for me.

    1. They are a small plates type of place, when I've gone with my wife we normally share (except for the poutine, we each get an order). I'd say maybe 4 dishes each if you're hungry? Think we had about 7 or 8 total between the two of us last time we went plus dessert.

      1. I hope you had a great time at JKWB. I went last night since I've read so much on this board about how unique it is to sit at the chef's table and how the food is uniquely Canadian. I had a great time! The food was phenominal although some portions are smaller than I expected. We had 6 dishes and 2 desserts for two people... I felt like I was on iron chef and looking and chatting with the chefs. Some dishes were oversalted, however.. perhaps the churizo combined with salt in the poutine is too much...

        I have a question though... the other restaurant that Jamie has... I am assuming that it is in the other dining room? It seems rather small of a space since half of that space is a waiting bar area...

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          I didn't end up going, unfortunately, as my dinner date had to cancel! I ended up ordering delivery from Kubo Radio instead, which turned out to be a horrible experience (posted a review of that below). I'm looking forward, though, to trying JKWB in the future! The menus I've seen posted online have me hungry. I suspect, though, my next trip for my wedding anniversary will be to Batifole (for the first time!), so JKWB may have to wait a little longer :D.