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May 9, 2007 11:03 AM

Lunch options around the Palmer House Hilton and Lakeside Center

I will be attending a conference in Chicago. I have never been in Chicago before, so I am looking for suggestions. I am afraid I won't have too much free time so I am only looking for suggestions nearby the hotel or the Lakeside Center. I am hoping to try a good Chicago style pizza and looking for suggestions of casual good lunch and dinner places.

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  1. For options around the Palmer House Hilton, see this topic:

    That topic has recommendations for lots of places, many of them are casual, and most are open for lunch as well as dinner: Atwood Cafe, Trattoria 10, Rhapsody, Russian Tea Time, Vivere, Park Grill, Big Downtown (right in the Palmer House), etc. They're all very good. However, they are mostly neither quick nor inexpensive, so if you are pressed for time, they might be better choices for dinner than lunch. There *are* a lot of inexpensive, quick places in the area; you can walk around the block and you'll probably see a dozen of them, sandwich shops and fast food places and the like. Some of them are clustered in "food courts" in office buildings and the DePaul Loop campus.

    Deep-dish Chicago-style pizza generally comes in two varieties: double-crust "stuffed" pizza, and single-crust "pan" pizza. Locations within a few blocks of the Palmer House Hilton include:

    Pizano's (pan pizza)
    61 E. Madison (1-2 blocks away)

    Giordano's (stuffed)
    223 W. JACKSON BLVD.
    (312) 583-9400
    (312) 616-1200
    310 W. RANDOLPH ST.
    (312) 201-1441
    (All of these are about 4-5 blocks from the Palmer House - southwest, northeast, and northwest, respectively - so which one is most convenient depends on where else you're going.)

    Bacino's (stuffed pizza)
    75 E. Wacker Dr. (5-6 blocks away)

    At all these places, order ahead to avoid having to wait 30-40 minutes for your pizza. You can see their menus on their websites.

    The Lakeside Center is part of McCormick Place (our convention center), correct? That is located three miles south of the Loop, where the Palmer House Hilton is located. There is very little in that area within walking distance, other than the food places within McCormick Place itself, listed here:
    and the restaurants in the Hyatt that's part of that complex, described here:

    One decent restaurant within walking distance of McCormick Place is Cuatro, for pan-Latin cuisine, but it's not open for lunch. For more recommendations on restaurants in the general area of McCormick Place, you can see this topic, but again, most of the places mentioned there are over a mile away, and not really walkable:

    1. Atwood Cafe is pretty close to your hotel and has a great lunch.

      Atwood Cafe (in the Hotel Burnham)
      1 W Washington St
      (312) 368-1900