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May 9, 2007 10:22 AM

Lai Wah Heen vs Lai Toh Heen

When I checked the Lai Wah Heen website, they also discuseed their sister restaurant Lai Toh Heen. I am staying in Missassga and it looks as though Lai Toh Heen might be closer....however, I want to make sure the food will be as good. Can anyone comment on the two?

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  1. If you're in Mississauga, both restaurants are approximately the same distance (although if you're going to Lai Toh Heen you'll have an easier time finding parking). I won't comment on the food since I've never been to Lai Toh Heen (although written reviews seem to converge to "meh")

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    1. re: Blueicus

      What could be easier than the free parking at Lai Wah Heen located in the hotel that houses the restaurant?

      1. re: Fwagra

        The parking may be free, but it is never easy in the Metropolitan Hotel. :)
        If you are driving anything bigger than a mini, the corners are quite a challenge. If you rented an SUV, the Green P parking under City Hall is spacious, cheap and also very close.

        1. re: Fwagra

          Just mirroring my biases against driving downtown as opposed to driving uptown.

      2. Not sure whether this little bit of information will help?

        The executive chef for 'the group', who was from Hong Kong's famed Peninsula Hotel's Chinese restaurant 'presides' in Lai Wah Heen's kitchen.

        1. Both are almost the same in terms of quality for dinner to me. But I have not been to Lai Toh Heen for lunch, not even sure if they have dim sum or not ... but if you are from Mississauga, I would rather go to Lai Wah Heen, it is easier on QEW.

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          1. re: skylineR33

            I would not go to Lai Toh Heen if you're going with more than 4 people ... they way they "present" their food, the portion sizes are just way too small (and overpriced). I think it you're going out on a date it might be ok ..... but I personally would not go back to Lai Toh Heen regardless, as I simply did not think it was worth the money considering there are so many good Chinese restaurants in the GTA.

            1. re: itchy

              I certainly would agree w/ itchy in that there are many other good Chinese restaurants in GTA, but in terms of price and the amount of food you get at LWH or LTH, I don't think you can compare it to other restaurants. This chain is considered to be the creme de la creme of ultra-fine chinese dining, and you're also paying for the top end service, ambiance, and presentation of the food, along with their fresh ingredients and unique ideas to re-create chinese dishes.

              I haven't tried LTH yet, but did try LWH for both dim sum (twice) and dinner (once) and was really impressed (luckily for dinner I was treated by another company and had a 8 course meal). It was more than 6 months ago when I ate there for dinner, and all I can recall from that meal was that most of the dishes we had were not overly loaded with heavy sauce or filler ingredients like some chinese places do. You could taste all the ingredients of how the dish was meant to be presented.

              Compared to the other higher end chinese places, like Ambassador (on Hwy 7) and City Inn Chinese (market village), LWH still wins hands down (and you pay for it as well).

              1. re: Royaljelly

                iI'll agree that LWH is the best in CHinese restaurants ..... while LTH is a Chinese food with a western ambience ... while the food really wasn't that different, yet smaller.

                But I do remember that LTH had Peking Duck ... but was limited in quantity, so reserve in advance. I think if you have a group larger than 4 ... better go with that. All the other dishes were WAY too small.