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May 9, 2007 10:20 AM

Bros Tacos in Albany

I'm old enough to remember Hacienda on Madison and Taco J's on New Scotland. Driving down Ontario last week I burst out laughing as I looked to my right and saw "Bros Tacos" painted on a storefront window. I went in yesterday and grabbed a menu and called in for takeout today. KILLER FISH TACOS, they offer two kinds of fish (my guess is that they use tilapia), fried or grilled, I got one of both, wonderful homemade tortillas, both tacos were filled with fresh clean flavors. I got a grilled shrimp burrito for tonight. Their website is up at One of the owners (Josh) explained that yes, he co-owns the place with his brother and they've researched the classic San Diego taco shack vibe.

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    1. Sounds great! thanks for posting. I plan to go this week.
      homemade tortillas -- wow! (only had that once in Albany area -- one day at Picante Uno in Valatie.)
      Do you know their hours? website doesn't say.

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        the takeout menu says tues to sat 11 am to 11 pm, enjoy!

      2. where on ontario - thir website did not come up when I tried it

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          it's on the corner of ontario and morris, not far from madison

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            You have just made my week. I am originally from Albany and remember both Taco J's, whom I recall as being walleyed, and Hacienda. I now have a sister that I am guardian of in Albany and travel there frequently and can't wait to try this place - thanks!!!!!

        2. I went yesterday at noon and am reporting that the fish tacos were indeed very tasty. Double corn tortillas with fried fish, cabbage, and crema with cilantro mixed in. $2.50 for one taco; can't beat that! They're small -- high ratio of tortilla to filling. $2 for some others. I had a Mexican mango soda -- they have a small variety of Mexican soda and bottled water in the cooler.
          My friends had the shrimp taco which they didn't like as much as the fish -- said they were small pieces so you couldn't taste the shrimp it being battered and fried. There are also burritos. Skip the rice and beans which were entirely plain -- not even any bean cooking liquid.

          So I'd say it's a good quick taco pickup joint; not for evening, or even lunch "dining" and no good for groups. It's tiny. You order at the counter and then hang around on a stool and wait. Only one table. There are stools and counters (though the stools don't match the counters -- if you sit on the stools the counters are neck high; I guess the counters are for standing) Me, I like to sit when I eat. There were 4 of us, so we waited for the one table to clear out. When we went at noon, the place was swarming with college kids.
          I asked the woman serving at the counter whether they planned to make tortillas with chili peppers mixed in. She replied: why? the cooks/owners? like what they have. Hmm. (A real Mexican joint in Valatie -- Picante Uno -- occasionally makes their corn tortillas w/ peppers mixed in, which is sublime.
          It won't replace El Mariachi in my rotation, but it's very good for a quick taco.

          1. We got take-out from Bros Tacos last night. Those who got burritos said they were tasty, but not wrapped tightly enough so they were sloppy. They seemed smaller than the burritos at Moe's or Bomber's, but those who ate them said they were full. They liked having the choices, like pork, grilled fish, or shrimp, that you don't get elsewhere. But the veg member of the family would have liked a tofu option like the aforementioned other places have. The only vegetarian option at Bros uses the same very plain rice and beans that NYchowcook described. I had the 2 taco plate with a grilled fish taco and a pineapple shrimp taco. Yum! In the pineapple shrimp taco, the shrimp are grilled, not breaded and fried, so you can taste them. And the bits of pineapple really made it come alive. The grilled fish taco was good, too, with pico de gallo on it. It was a very tiny piece of fish, though. The ratio of tortilla to filling is very high, especially because they use two tortillas per taco. The corn tortillas really have good corn flavor. The plate comes with the same plain white rice with black beans mixed in. On the whole, it was tasty and filling (mostly because of all the tortillas and rice). For me it's a convenient place to stop and grab dinner to go, so I imagine we'll be getting dinner from there pretty often.

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              Just came back from Bros. and had a carne asada taco with pico de gallo and avicado lime sauce and a bbq chicken taco with corn and black bean salsa topped with cotija cheese. It was delicious. The tacos come on homemade tortillas and if you want you have the option of just having onions cilantro and salsa roja on any taco. Seems pretty authentic. I'm going back tomorrow.