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May 9, 2007 10:15 AM

Softshell Crab?

I believe softshell crab are currently in season. Anyone been to a restaurant that is serving them?

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  1. Shoal Creek Saloon had them last season, but you had to ask for them. An unadvertised special, I guess. I think they've changed chefs since then, so you may wand to call and ask. For the record, they made me an excellent ssc poboy.

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      Was Shoal Creek Saloon the place you mentioned a while back as also having very good burgers (which came up in a discussion of sports bars in response to a visitor's query)? Or was that the Tavern?


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        MPH - I cannot speak for the burgers, but I can tell you that depending on the night, Shoal Creek can have a great tuna steak (it comes as an entree or a sandwich). It truly depends on who is cooking, but if you are there on a good night it will come with just the right amount of seasoning and cooked to a perfect medium rare (or other temp you like). The sandwich is served with a flavored mayo on a toasted bun. The entree comes with green beans and mashed potatoes which are only okay. I would recommend having the fries instead which are well seasoned and well executed crinkle cut fries and they have a good ranch dressing for dipping -- if you like that sort of thing. Everyone who I have brought there and sampled the tuna steak (with the exception of one bad night) has added it to their must have list. The service can be grumpy and disinterested to typical laid back Austin to spot on and super friendly, depending on your wait person. The deserts are terrible, don't bother. Dried out and microwaved to a rubbery toughness.

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          Thanks kirelerya! I appreciate the detailed tip. You make me want to give this place a try. Right after I try the soft-shell-crab po’boy at Evangeline Cafe, which saticoy's description (below) has made me seriously crave.

          For anyone else curious about who had the good burgers—SCS or the Tavern—I’ve figured out from another thread that it's probably the Tavern:

          My apologies for starting a brief digression from soft-shell crabs.


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            I'll throw in my hat to say that I went to Shoal Creek a while back, I think it was SXSW and we were looking for good gub and less crowd close to downtown. While the service was terrible (the hostess sat us in a no-man's land at the very very back of the patio with a dimwitted frat boy who didnt understand many words beyond bud light), the food was suprisingly good. I had a burger which was quite tasty (patty not too thick, decent Mrs. Bairds bun, good quality cheddar and excellent crispy bacon) and the SO had a po'boy....I think catfish which he enjoyed. I think this place has a crowd of regulars but then is often overlooked. If it wasn't so far away I think I might frequent mre often.

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          It's the Tavern that has the best burger in town (IMO) and Shoal Creek with the soft shell crab poboy.

      2. T & S Seafood on N.Lamar has really nice Salt & Pepper Soft Shell crab year-round.

        1. I am so glad you posted this, because I have been meaning to give a shout-out to the Evangeline Cafe's soft shell crab po boy. It was so with their other po boys, you need to ask for the Evangeline sauce and/or jalapeno mayo on the side - otherwise they can be very gloppy. So, a perfectly crispy and briny crab in wonderful bread with lettuce, onion and was a wonderful experience to bite through the fresh, spongy roll and then hit the crunch of the crab with the sweet meat and brine mini-explosion right behind. Really, really good. It was a special, but I reckon if it is SSC season, they might have them from time to time.

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            OMG, that description was so great that even though I'm full from dinner, I want to leave my hotel and find this place! Yet another addition to the many places I've got to try.

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              Thanks Saticoy. I emailed Evangeline Cafe to see if they currently have ss crab and got the following (very nice) response:

              Good Morning, I do have soft shell crabs on the menu right now! We are doing a po' boy & an entree which has the fried crab w/ spicy creole sauce, aioli and parmesian cheese on pasta. (on the menu as Gold Band Creole, w/ crab instead of shrimp) I'm Curtis, when you get here look for me, I'll probably be here.

              1. re: Honey Bee

                Awwww.... that warms my heart.....Curtis is a dear man, doing his part to deliver good food and music to the barren Far Southwest. Hope you love your SSC there as much as I did!

              2. re: saticoy


                Just got back from Evangeline, having "investigated" the ssc po-boy. An entire lightly battered and fried ssc on a toasted french roll with lettuce, tomatoes, oninons and pickles, and, per earlier suggestions, had the Evangeline sauce (spicy remoulade) on the side. It was excellent. We also started with the Oysters Contraband and a stuffed Pistolette; the pistolette was okay, but the Contraband was outstanding-six fat, fried oysters atop a fresh made potato chips with the Evangeline sauce mixed with onions gently covering them. Rounded out with some Abita Root Beer (no tap, unfortunately). As good or better than I had hoped.