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May 9, 2007 10:12 AM

Best Soft Shell Crab Po-Boy in New Orleans

Which restaurant offers the finest version?

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  1. maybe the galley, they sereved one at jazz fest if i'm not mistaken.

    mother's could possibly be good, haven't tried it though.

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    1. re: kevin

      The Galley on Metairie Rd. has a great soft shell crab po-boy. I think Mother's is overrated. It caters to more of a tourist crowd.

    2. Casementos has the best soft shell crab that I've had. Not sure if the have it in Po Boys though.

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      1. re: Spencer

        Casamento's doesn't really do po boys, their sandwiches are served on Texas Toast.

        1. re: uptownlibrarian

          Yes, the oyster loaf, though seemingly overtly simple, is quite good.

          1. re: Spencer

            So the oyster loaf I've always heard about is on Texas toast? I'm so surprised.

            1. re: cajungirl

              Casamento's version is on "pan bread"....more precisely, a pullman loaf of white bread sliced horizontally. Not exactly Texas toast. Other versions are indeed made with standard poboy french loaves.

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                That's what I was hoping for, kinda like the Holsum French Stix we used to make po-boys on when I was a kid. I like the way that kind of bread complements the oysters.

                If you're ever in New Ibera, try the soft shell po-boy at Bon Creole on St. Peter Street, along with the seafood gumbo. Their other po-boys are pretty good, too.

                1. re: cajungirl

                  Thanks for the New Iberia tip. Always looking for good food in that area.

      2. If you have a car and can drive out of the city, Middendorf's off I-55 at Bayou Manchac, has super fried softshells. I would advise calling before making the trip of about 30 minutes.

        1. I just--and I mean within the last half hour--finished lunch at a spot I'd not tried before, Tessie's Place (116 N. Woodlawn, just off Airline). One of my companions had the soft shell crab po-boy and pronounced it excellent. The restaurant is a good surviving example of the nieighborhood restaurant/seafood house that I always have thought is the true glory of NO cuisine. My stuffed crab was good, but could've used more crab; another of my companions had the broiled pork chop and enjoyed it heartily. Side dishes such as onion rings, coleslaw and particularly the potato salad are homemade and very, very good. I'll do a more complete review on the place after another visit two, but it's cheap enuff for you to risk a visit on your own.

          1. I was in NOLA for a week recently, and the soft shell Po-Boy I had at the jazz fest was as good as anything I had that week - and it was a GOOD eatin' week!