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May 9, 2007 09:55 AM

Burrata - what's it like

For those of you who have been lucky enough to try this cheese, what is it like? Texture? Taste? What does the inside look like?

I ask this question because I purchased a burrata the other day that isn't like what I imagined it to be.

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  1. burrata is a ball of mozzerella with cream and mozzerella bits inside. Once you cut it open, the creamy middle flows out. The taste is fresh and creamy. Texture is soft
    what does yours look like?
    eta: you really want to be eating this right away.

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    1. re: monavano

      Yeah, it needs to be fresh. You need to ask the cheese store when it was delivered. You want it that day. Where was it from .. local or imported?

      This SF link talks quite a bit about burrata but my favorite post was this ...

      "There's a scene in the "Sopranos" where the wives are eating lunch at Vesuvio and Artie, the owner who's always annoyingly shmoozing the customers, insists on giving the ladies burrata instead of the "hot antipaste" which was what they really wanted to eat. When he's out of earshot one of the women whispers, "What's the big deal, it just tastes like mozzarella. I want my hot antipaste!"

      1. re: rworange

        Please see this topic for my comments about where I got it, etc.

        It's a local cheese company. My burrata was made with mascarpone and butter.

        1. re: QueenB

          I saw your pictures and what you have there is is not burrata. What a shame to lable it that way. Mascarpone and butter is not mozzarella and cream. I wonder why a cheesemonger would do this?

          1. re: monavano

            Yeah, picture-wise maybe ... maybe not, but those ingrediants don't sound right.

            For those that don't want to scroll to the bottom of that post ... direct link to your pictures.

            Most of the burrata I've seen is ball-shaped like in this wiki article.

            More pics and info

            My one and only forray into burrata didn't leave me impressed, but it wasn't as fresh as it should be and not one of the burratas that a lot of people rave about in SF.

            Interesting in that wiki article that the leaves it was originally wrapped in were an indicator of freshness. If the leaves were still green, the cheese was still good.

            1. re: rworange

              Yes, I thought that information about the leaves from wiki was interesting as well.

              I linked to the entire post because it has explanation of what all the ingredients are, where I bought, etc.

              I guess I'm just confused. I did email the company, but as of yet haven't heard anything.

          2. re: QueenB

            It sounds like an interesting product but it is not burrata. Burrata has nothing to do with butter and marscapone. I find it very irritating that someone would market such a cheese as burrata. Burrata is filled with shreds of mozzarella and fresh cream. Depending on its age, it may or may not truly ooze.

            In my experience, the imported version are always too old to enjoy but our local producer goia is quite good (and the first American producer).

            1. re: JudiAU

              I didn't think it was either. That's why I came to ask you guys. I've had zero experience with it with the exception of what I've read. Thank you.

      2. Whenever I've purchased burrata, the cheese has come wrapped in some sort of wide, green leaf, which in turn, is wrapped in paper. Also, the shape of the ball has a little "knob" on the top. It's very much like soft mozzarella, but, as others have said, the inside is quite creamy and so soft as to be "runny." Burrata and mascarpone are two very different products.

        I do know that freshness is mandatory, which is why so few places (at least in my area) carry it.

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        1. re: CindyJ

          I ate at a restaurant on Melrose (in LA) over the weekend & they described their burrata as buffalo mozzarella that they stuffed with mascarpone cheese?! Is that something that restaurants are doing nowadays instead of getting the "real thing" or are they confused about how burrata is made. I did order the appetizer and it was very tasty. The only other place I've eaten burrata was in Glendale (CA) & the two were quite different from each other ( I liked both). I have yet to find one wrapped in a leaf. That will be my new "quest".

          1. re: socalqtpi

            Plain and simple, burrata is NOT mascarpone-stuffed mozzarella. I'm not saying that what you were served wasn't good; only that it wasn't burrata.

            When I shop for burrata, I go a well-known cheese market in the Italian Market in south Philly; to buy it anywhere else is to risk disappointment.

            1. re: socalqtpi

              The leaf-wrapped burrata is the imported version. I've tried it several times while in New York and it is vastly inferior to the local versions in LA. It is simply too old.

              My guess is that the server came up with a creative description because none of the local version are made that way.

              1. re: JudiAU

                Yeah, I bought some when I was visiting in Philly (at a place in Italian market, yet), and it was too old. Burrata, like fresh mozzerella, should be stored in whey and it very soft. If you can tie a string around it and/or wrap it in something, it's too old.

          2. I had burrata for the first time in Paris last fall. Ours was bought that morning, and we were told to finish it off because it would not keep. It was, as others have described, like fresh mozzerella with a thick cream inside. I've never eaten anything like it.

            1. yes there is burrata then there are all of the pretenders... the key is freshness

              It should be indescribably luscious in texture and sweet with a very yummy creamy center. It should not flake apart. If it does you know it has been frozen. This is a crime and should be punished. Forget buying it at Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Not even close.
              Here are my favorite sources...i am known as the burrata fiend by the way! So, go to Maket Gourmet in Venice on Saturdays they have it brought in FRESH on Friday night or Sat morning.
              Try Joans on Third ( not the best but still pretty good)
              Try ordering it when you dine at Capo Restaurant. mmmclapclap!
              Try Beverly Hills Cheese market.
              Burrata Apetite!

              1. Anyone know where it can be found wrapped in the leaf in OC? We only get the domestically made kind at Bristol Farms or Gelsons in plastic tubs :( Still... pretty damm good. I've got the wrapped kind on backorder with igourmet, but am worried about the time it will take to get from production to my door.

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                1. re: torta basilica

                  unless you receive it within 24 hours of being produced, essentially it is too old.