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May 9, 2007 09:48 AM

Chicken Pot Pie

I had a great Chicken Pot Pie at the Daily Grill last weekend. Anyplace better?

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  1. I like the Chicken Pot Pie at the Daily Grill but have a slight preference for the ones at Musso-Frank's. Unfortunately, Musso's doesn't have them every day. I think they're the official Thursday night special and occasionally turn up on the menu on other days. If you're interested, I'd give them a call.

    1. The Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills does a splendid chicken pot pie.

      Wood Spoon in downtown LA is also good, but tends to be too big, which throws of the proper ratio between chicken filling and crust.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Mmmm...I'm eating half of a pot pie from Wood Spoon leftover from dinner last night as I type - it's soooooo good! I don't have a problem with the chicken-to-crust ratio at all, and between the flavorful filling, perfect crust, and a dab of their spicy Brazilian aioli, it's heaven!

      2. Define "better." Some people want top crust only, some want both; some folks like various vegetables in there, some want only peas and/or carrots, some want NO vegetables. The two best-known proponents of the top-crust/vegetable-free variety in LA County are Moffett's in Arcadia and Henry Moffett's in Bellflower (which though owned by relatives are themselves unrelated). Both places offer a pie with a rich, flaky crust and tender chicken in a flavorful, homemade-tasting gravy. The differences are minimal: H. Moffett's gravy is yellower, and I believe the Arcadia restaurant's pies may be a tad cheaper, but I don't remember for sure. I do think that the rest of the menu at Henry's is far superior to the fare in Arcadia, particularly the fries served with a side of Green Goddess dressing.

        Both places also offer pies to go, either pre-baked or ready-to-cook. Regular pies contain both light and dark meat, with all-white available at extra cost. Too bad they don't have an all-dark option...

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        1. re: Will Owen

          Wow WillI, I see you have been doing some pot pie work. Keep it up. I second the two Moffett’s places. I like a crust inside and out and NO fillers like peas, carrots, potato or what ever. At Henry’s Bellflower the fried chicken goes so well with a pot pie and then take a few of those Snickerdoodle cookies for dessert later. This is a down-home meal. In Arcadia I also like the BLT and soup and then take the pot pies home for later. They always have two soups. Last week we had Strawberryh pie and it was very good also.

          Henry Moffett's Chicken Pies (Lunch or dinner -- Fried Chicken, Chicken Pot Pie & fruit Pies, Eat inside or take out (Baked or ready to bake at home) open for breakfast only on Fri, Sat and Sun. ? Fried Chicken & Waffles, Fried Chicken & eggs, Chicken Pot Pie & Eggs, Chicken Fried Steak and eggs)
          16506 Lakewood Blvd
          Bellflower, CA 90706-5193
          (562) 925-5061

          Moffett?s Family Restaurant, Chicken Pie Shoppe (Chicken Pot Pie either mixed white/dark meat or White Meat only, Beef Pot Pie, & fruit Pies, Must try the pumpkin, Eat inside or take out (Baked or ready to bake). Order custom Chicken pot pie casserole to go in your own casserole dish)
          1409 S. Baldwin Ave.
          Arcadia, CA
          (626) 447-4670
          Monday-Saturday: 11:00am to 9:00pm
          Two blocks South of Huntington Drive next to Sav-On Drugs

          1. re: JeetJet

            PS Moffetts in Bellflower has the pies to go, uncooked with sides, Frozen or not.

            Good for take out, kids love the pies. Save well in the freezer.

          2. re: Will Owen

            I see I have a lot to learn about Chicken Pot Pies! The Daily Grill had top crust only, carrots and both dark & white meat. I'll have to try more before I know what I like best. My only other Chicken Pot Pie is the small store bought ones you bake yourself (and while I sort of liked them as a kid, those were the reason I never had one since).

            1. re: Scotty

              I love the Daily Grill chicken pot pie, and thought it did have a botteom crust. I also prefer my pot pies with vegetables. I have never tried either of the Moffet's, but I have heard good things about them and about La Palma Pie Shop in Orange County. I have not found another very good one in LA. Someone recommended Weiler's Deli's pot pie, but it was awful. I think Comfort Cafe is supposed to have a good one (not sure if it is a regular menu item), but have never tried it.

              Also, Costco has a very good chicken pot pie that you bake at home. As with all things Costco, though, it is enormous.

              1. re: Jwsel

                Having recently tried all three versions, (chicken, filet and lobster) of the pot pie at the DG I can say without fear of failure that they have only a top crust. All three were fine examples of the genre. We like the new DG on Colorado in Santa Monica for both service and interior.

                1. re: tony michaels

                  The one on Colorado in Santa Monica is where I went. OUTSTANDING

                  Note, we also had the Cobb salad and were happy with both the taste and large serving size.

                  (Must try the Costco chicken pot pie, what isn't good there!)

                2. re: Jwsel

                  I tried La Palma Pie chicken pot pie. They have been arounf for many decades. It may have een an off day but I could not finish that pie. The taste of the crust and gravey -- I just could not do it. I would like to hear if someone else has a better report.

            2. jongewaard's bake 'n' broil in long beach. sorry i keep beating this drum, but it's the truth. if you want a home-style pot pie, big chunks of chicken, good white sauce, flaky top crust, this can't be beat.

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              1. re: FED

                I actually enjoy the version at Polly's Pies, served with cranberry sauce.

                The two Moffets' versions are okay, but I prefer vegetables in my chicken pot pie, and I sometimes wonder what is in the gravy fat wise. Their beef pies are okay too, and they do have a small amount of vegetables. Their crust to filling ratio is a bit high for me though, since the pies are quite small.

                I love dark meat too, e.g. I'm always wishing for dark meat turkey dinner, which I never seem to find.

                1. re: MaryT

                  Oh one last note, the Arcadia store has rhubarb pie, which is not very common around here.

                  1. re: MaryT

                    It does?! Thanks for the heads up. :)

                    1. re: chica

                      Pie N Burger in Pasadena also has rhubarb pie.

                2. re: FED

                  I will be trying jongewaard's bake 'n' broil soon for breakfast. Do they offer the pot pie in the morning? You mention the top crust but is their crust in the bootom also? My Thanks, JeetJet?

                  1. re: JeetJet

                    don't believe they offer it for breakfast, unless you get there 11:30-12. it's top crust only. and very deep dish.

                  2. re: FED

                    Never had the Bake & Broil one but love the one down the street at Cafe Bixby. Rich filling and flaky puff pastry crust (top only). Also you get a side dish, veggies, and a soup or salad, for something like $8.49!!! That could feed two. On a side note, I didn't know they served anything besides Red Velvet Cake at Bake & Broil. :)

                  3. Kate Mantellini's (Wilshire at Doheny in Beverly Hills -- can't speak for the other location in the Valley) has an excellent chicken pot pie served as a special Friday through Sunday. I've always found it to have the perfect balance of vegetables and chicken, with a light cream sauce nicely flavored with fresh herbs and a good flakey crust. One of the few things here that is both excellent, and not wildly overpriced.