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May 9, 2007 09:48 AM

Mirai Sushi any special reccommendations?

Hosting dinner for 10 there tomorrow night (clients' choice). My first visit. What should I expect?

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  1. I am *very* fond of the aji (horse mackerel) sashimi. The diner receives the entire fish frame with the sliced fish arrayed on top. It's a special offering, and when available the fish is pristine. Whatever you do, pay special attention to the list of special offerings.

    It doesn't sound like it's feasible in your case, but I refuse to sit at a table in a sushi restaurant and without direct communication with the chef(s) preparing my fish. I am always sure to ask the chef(s) about the most recent arrivals in the case, along with any particular recommendations/favourites. Like any other establishment in its category, the servers at Mirai are generally prone to recommending the most popular items (read: overseasoned, overwrought crap). The vast majority of my meal is comprised of sashimi and nigiri sushi, with the balance comprised of simple things like pickles, salads, miso soup, etc. [NO fancy "specialty" rolls for me.]

    At Mirai, I tend to go with some combination of the following:

    oshinko (pickle) assortment -- off-menu request
    yukke toro (chu-toro tartare with quail egg)
    yamagobo makimono (burdock root roll)
    uni uzura (sea urchin roe with quail egg) -- off-menu request
    miso soup


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      Great calls, especially on the aji.

      If you do want a roll, the "tuna, tuna, salmon" is fantastic.

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        Also Spicy Mono is great. It is maki with octupus inside and then topped with spicy tuna on the outside. It is topped with a sticky, almost sweet sauce. It is awesome and rich!

        Also, kani nigiri is a favoite there (crab in a mayo stuffed in nori).

        Finally, try the bin cho salad appetizer. It is seared pieces of yellowtail with a smoky dressing. Very good.

        1. re: NDJ

          I was there last weekend and had both the Spicy Mono and Tuna Tuna Salmon. Both were excellent, although the TTS kind of fell apart when you tried to pick it up. In fact, everything we ordered was excellent. You really can't go wrong. Good cocktails too, and I'm not really a cocktail drinker.

    2. I eat here all of the time. It is my absolute favorite. I prefer the upstairs seating area as it has more of a vibe than downstairs, which is too bright and austere, in my opinion. You could also sit outside, as well. To start with: you must have the kani nigiri--one order comes with two pieces and each person should have 2--they are fabulous. I always like to wash those down with a red one martini or their peach/mago sake sangria. I then order spicy octopus handrolls, which are fabulous. From there, try some pieces, I like the midai, sake salmon and various types of maguro. The chef special rolls are my favorite. Try the tuna tuna salmon, the zuke salmon maki and the spicy mono roll. Great to order for groups. Enjoy! You are in for a treat!

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        And then, of course, mochi are fun for dessert. They have great red bean, coffee and mango flavors.