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May 9, 2007 09:20 AM

Pam Thai report

After reading reviews here that sounded promising, four of us had dinner there last night (the one on 47th St.) and found it truly mediocre. The pad thai was gloppy, too sweet, with 3 shrimp in it. The roast chicken was dry and tasteless, worse than any Thai chicken I've had. Nothing was worth a return trip.

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  1. I totally have to disagree. Pam Real Thai and Pam Real Thai Encore have been consitantly amazing. We are regular customers and are constantly trying new things. Just had the oxtail soup.. DELISH!

    1. I'd have to agree with your comments about the pad thai being gloppy and too sweet. Most thai places in manhattan do it that way. They tend to overcook the meat in their curry as well, making it really dry and tasteless.

      That being said , pam real is a pretty good place to eat. The oxtail as one of the poster mention is quite good. The pad kee mao is not bad either.

      1. We have found the 47th Street (Encore) location to be consistently middling, while the 49th Street (the original Pam Real Thai) location has flashes of brilliance--although these are impossible to predict. Even the pad thai can be great at the original Pam, although in our experience, not so much at the 47th St. location.