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May 9, 2007 09:17 AM

Strombolis and Italian Beef in the East Bay-

Any recommendations? Or do such things exist on the Left Coast?

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    1. To sum up what I know that is specific to the East Bay

      Lola's on Solano
      Parry's in American Canyon
      Hot Pockets in your grocery freezer case (well, really ... that's what they are based on)

      Italian Beef
      Gumbah's in Vallejo

      As you can see there are other places around the Bay that serve them. There's some placee in the South Bay that was mentioned recently for stromboli, but I'm blanking on the name and you asked for East Bay anyway.

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      1. re: rworange

        Tell me that Lola's and Parry's strommis are better than Hot Pockets- please.

        Can you describe the sandwiches a bit? Which do you recommend?

        Is Gumbah's worth a trip to Vallejo?

          1. re: alameda fats

            Yeah ... so much better ... I was joking about Hot Pockets.

            There are detailed posts out there, but search isn't turning them up.

            Lola's are just lovely. The owner is a master with crust. These are not leaden and have a great, cheesy / pepperoni filling. No sauce though. They are about 8 inches long and one of my favorite things at Lola's

            Parry's is right out of the streets of NY. It looks and tastes more like a NY Pizza place than any place I've eaten in the Bay Area. The stromboli is large and well ... stromboli classic. IIRC there is a cup of sauce on the side. The owner had a pizzaria for a long time in the area of Connecticut near NYC.

            You could combine a trip to Gumbah's and Parrys. Stop by Vallejo for the Italian beef and then drive up the road to American Canyon and stop by Parry's. Both worth the trip, IMO, if you need to satisfy the craving.

            1. re: rworange

              Thanks so much to Robert and yourself for this- How did I miss Gumbah's? I frequently go to church right down the street! (Revival Center) Ah, Tennessee St.
              in Vallejo- a blessed place!

              1. re: alameda fats

                Gumbah's had weird hours. It was only open for lunch mon-sat, so it was easy to miss ... and it is in a house. They recently expanded their hours ... don't know how that is going.

        1. Depending on where in the East Bay you are, you might want to check out Pizza Italia in Fremont as being closer than Vallejo/American Canyon. Here's part of a discussion on stromboli in the south-east Bay: