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May 9, 2007 09:15 AM

9:15 Times Square--no reservation..too busy?

We were thinking of maybe enduring a totally touristy spot our first night after a visit to the Top of the Rock. Virgils and Carmines are in the running, but I'm open to other, less touristy suggestions near the area (Times Square is actually away from our 34th and Lex hotel, but thought the feel of the area would be nice for a first night for a new visitor). There's just four of us, and we will be dressed casual after a day of walking the Brooklyn Bridge and such. Would the lines be monster at either of these venues at that time? We can't make a reservation with only four people. Since it's so late, I hesitate to wait more than an hour or so (and my dad--the new visitor get's crazy with long waits).

Bottomline, I just want that first day to be pleasant and end on a nice note. I know Virgils (never been) and Carmines (been) are both crazy and loud, so if you have advise for a casual diner (we will have had pizza for lunch), I'd be eternally grateful.

Thanks for any and all advise.

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  1. If you walk over to 9th Ave at that time (neither pre or post theater) you'll find an infinte number of places with better food than either Virgils or Carmines (especially if you've already been to the latter..) Start in the low 50's and walk down. You'll be happy you did.

    1. Since you said "touristy" is okay, I would suggest the following: The Hard Rock actually has a darn good burger and the pulled pork sandwich is also very good. Angus McIndoe and John's Pizza (I knowyou said you'll be having pizza for lunch, but John's is thin-crusted and has interesting toppings, different from the "street slices" you get in NY, and they also do dishes other than pizza), for different reasons, are also good choices. Both are on 44th St, south side of the street, nearly at 8th Ave (if you're walking west out of Times Square). You also might consider Simply Pasta, on 41st street between 6th and 7th Aves. It's actually NOT particularly touristy, and the food is very good and reasonably priced. If you're in the mood for Thai, try Pongsri on W.48th, between Bway and 8th Avenue..

      1. Virgil's at that hour should not be too crazy since the Broadway shows will not have let out yet. And if you sit upstairs it shouldn't be all that noisy. Enjoy.

        1. Ruby Foos (Asian) at 50th and Broadway is really good - and not croweded after the shows start at 8PM.

          Also, what is the name of that large famous Brooklyn Deli that opened on (I think 45th street). I'm blanking. That is a good one too.

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              The deli is Junior's...There are also a couple of steakhouses right near Top of the Rock where you could make reservations - not sure how casual a meal you're looking for...

            2. This might be a few blocks north of Rockefeller, but you can also try Stage Deli or Carnegie Deli, both on Seventh Avenue near 53rd and 55th Streets, respectively. Both are classic New York delis. Big pastrami sandwiches, somewhat touristy with big pictures of celebrities all over the walls (they all seem to be from the 70s and 80s), and enough space to fit four easily at 9:15.

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                Bond 45 (on 45th right East of Times Sq) and Tintol (46th just east of the Square) are both good option, bustling but not awful. Bond is tasty Italian and great atmosphere (I have their antepaste about once a month, and their homemade mozz is very good), and Tintol is a tapas place that has a nice buzzy vibe. Would strongly recco over Carmines or Ollies etc.