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May 9, 2007 09:06 AM

Jill's- next to Miriam, Cobble Hill

Haven't been yet but saw a menu. Very small menu, apparently vegan and raw foods. The prices looked very steep. We'll see.

Anyone been yet? I think they've been open 4-5 days now.

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  1. I went there recently. It was really nice to see that kind of restaurant finally open up in the area. Sometimes you just want really healthy food, and there's a strange shortage of it throughout the brownstone area, for some reason.

    Some of the food was really tasty (the appetizer tart), some not great (bland, mushy fake sushi). I didn't have any of the salads, but they looked wonderful. Overall, the atmosphere was bright and pretty and the food prepared with great care, and I hope they survive.

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      Thanks for the report, I've been meaning to check it out. Is it sit-down table service or more counter service? Do they have alcoholic drinks?

      1. re: MissPeacock

        It's sit down table service but watch out for the world's most awkward stools. I'm pretty sure they don't have alcohol.....

    2. i stopped in to try something as ive been into raw foods, etc for quite a while. first off, theyre all very nice people that work there. that being said, this place needs some work. they just have to advertise themselves, sell themselves a bit more. i mean, 9 out of 10 people walking court street dont care at all about raw vs. cooked foods etc. especiialy not with the wonderful miriam next door. i had only thing: carrot halva. its only one little thing so i dont want to say its representational but i didnt care too much for it - and im into this kind of thing...uhoh, i know. all the best to them tho, ill keep going back and trying little by little cuz im sure they some tasties in there (the chocolate tart just looks delicious....may be tomorrow).

      1. I've been a few times. The prices, as mentioned, are pretty steep ($9 for a green juice?). I've tried the soups (v. good), the juices (ditto) and the avocado and cacao shake (delicious). Also worth trying, and not too expensive, are the chili lime nuts.

        1. I stopped in there once, enticed by a sign advertising watermelon juice, which turned out to be $7! (You can get it for $3.50 at the newly opened Homage cafe on Smith.) Haven't been back since. It always looks empty, I don't know how it's going to survive.

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          1. re: mandmbklyn

            This is one of those spots that seems to be cursed. First there was the cooking school, then a cafe/caterer, now this. At that's only recently. Difficult space because it is so small. Chicory on Degraw has probably done the best with this kind of square footage because they emphasize the take-out.

            1. re: Carol Gardens

              The spot where "Vivir" died (excuse the pun) up on Court bet. Amity & Pacific is one of those spots. Be careful not to blink because another Thai/Chinese/Japanese/Mexican/Italian places – take your pick - will eventually take its place. There were a few places before Vivir that I liked; there was a bistro and before that Japanese place I thought were OK, but not great. IMO all of these neighborhood establishments are priced for perfection so it shouldn’t come as a shocker to see more franchises (read: crappy suburban food) permeate the neighborhood.