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May 9, 2007 08:41 AM

Tapas, Oysters, Seafood, Asain...

My wife and I will be in SF for the next month and we will be looking to get some great SF eats. Not looking to spend a ton but we will not eat at Wendys.

I have never been out on the west coast before and would love to try the oysters out here... as an east coast boy I need to compare to the beautiful oysters that come from the PEI/NS/NB area.

I have heard that Fishermans Warf is a tourist trap, so were is the good seafood (a great fish monger would work too, we will have a kitchen)? On the subject of good seafood, where is the good sushi? And on the subject of good sushi any recs for other ethnic food (Afgan, Thia, Indian, Veit.)

My last request is for tapas... The east coast has yet to really grasp this concept but some places have done it. I love to go out for a bottle of wine and a few small plates, so where to go?

Good looking out, Thanks for the recs.

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  1. Hog Island Oyster Co. in the Ferry Building is a great place for oysters. Bar Crudo is also a great destination for raw bar happiness.

    1. Note that "tapas" has become a bit trendy and there's a difference between "authentic" Spanish tapas and Spanish-inspired California cuisine served on small plates. I guess either type can be good for "a few small plates" with a bottle of Spanish wine, sherry, or sangria. However, I cannot imagine omitting an order of paella to go along with the tapas.

      It's been a few years since I went, but Alegrias (Lombard St near the Marina) was a very nice, cozy, traditional Spanish place that seemed family-run. A Chowhound search of "Alegrias" brings up mostly older posts, but a few posts from 2006/2007 seem to indicate the quality has been maintained. I highly recommend it.

      As for West Coast oysters, I anticipate lots of S.F. recommendations from other posters, but if you're going to be here "for the next month" and you REALLY like oysters, you might consider "roughing it" by visiting an oyster farm in the Point Reyes area (or include this area with your wine country day trip). Picnic tables and barbeque pits might be first-come or by reservation. Bring a bottle of sauvignon blanc, a protective shucking glove, a shucking knife, and charcoal. Order a few dozen Pacific and Kumamoto oysters, then happily gorge. A Chowhound search will get you many results for "Hog Island" and "Tomales Bay Oyster Company" oyster farms. Here's a good recent discussion: