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May 9, 2007 07:21 AM

Wedding reception

I am getting married in September and I am looking for a nice Italian/American (anything but Seafood and Indian/Chinese) restaurant to hold the "reception".
We will be about 25-30 people and it is supposed to be very informal. Family getting together, chatting and having dinner.
Do you have any idea? Any suggestions?

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  1. Frankie's on Court St. They have a private space and the food / drinks are terrific.

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      I second Frankie's. Went there last year for a wedding and it was a very nice space. Sort of a carriagehouse/garage in the back with a little courtyard. The food was OK...not great just OK.

      you would probably have it on the first floor where the restaurant is
      food is very good
      you could just go for dinner and try it out
      good luck

      1. Juliette in Williamsburg has a really pretty room-very airy with nice light, French antiques and a bistro feeling. Food is good too. Also, if you want something outdoors, Chez Lola in Fort Greene has a beautiful back garden. Food is similar to Juliette but more casual.