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May 9, 2007 06:30 AM

Cheap Eats in South Beach?

Breakfast and some nice dinners are already arranged for on my trip this weekend. Looking for inexpensive lunchtime recommendations within walking distance of hotel (11th & Ocean)--sandwiches, pizza, burgers, salads. TIA.

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  1. Mr Chu's - dim sum - your #1 choice 9th and washington
    Pizza Rustica 9th and washington
    Popcorn Paradise - chicago style hotdogs between 15-16 and washington
    A la folie - espanola between euclid and drexel - watch out for mosquitos though
    Puerto Sagua - 7th and collins - best cuban on the beach
    El Chalan - peruvian 16th and washington
    Beach BBQ - 16th and washington - good bbq large portions.

    I have not been but apparently the new indian place on 15th and ocean is very very good and cheap - big surprise. I will try it soon.

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      Ate at the indian place. Called fusion. Had carrot soup and chicken tandori. Both were very good. I think this place is probably better than Guru.

      1. re: tpigeon

        I'm trying to picture where it could be. Is it in the old Billboard Live/Caviarteria mall at the end of Ocean?

        1. re: lax2mia

          Ocean Drive Fusion, 1501 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

          Funny how NewTimes review on April 26th trashed it and said Guru had vastly improved.

          1. re: miaedu

            Miami new times are a bunch of morons. I have eaten at guru and the food has been consistent since it has opened. Not better. Not worse. Vastly improved is nonsense. I have been there many times since it opened.

            I have not tried fusion more than once but what I had was better than any time I was at guru.

            1. re: tpigeon


              I like La Sandwicherie on 14th, Fifty on Ocean at 444 (mmmmmm - garlicky burger!), Joe's takeaway lunch specials, Big Pink breakfast burrito and sweet potato fries 2/Collins, San Loco Mexi on 14th, Ice Box on Lincoln/Michigan, O Noodle Shop on Lincoln/James, Front Porch Cafe 14/Ocean, Tomato Soup or any beefsteak tomato salad at the News Cafe 9/Ocean, Dogma hotdogs on Washington/16, hangar steak and eggs at Cafeteria on Lincoln, Wing Zone on Washington ...and Pita Loca.

              Whew! Good thing it's lunch time... I'm hungry.


              1. re: advisor_Girl

                I second most of your recs here...saw you on TripAdvisor too, is this a sister site of their's or are you just EVERYWHERE? :-)

                1. re: advisor_Girl

                  Dogma is on 15 and washington, Popcorn Paradise, has better hotdogs than dogma btw and is between 15th and 16th and was. You should try it AG and their popcorn is really good too and I am generally not a fan of popcorn.

                2. re: tpigeon

                  Gonna have to tone down my initial enthusiasm for Fusion. I would say guru is better overall. The tandori chicken there is still very good and remains a solid choice. The rest of the food that I had was merely good.