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May 9, 2007 06:20 AM

Help with West Palm Beach

Hi all-
We are spending a week on a boat next week in WPB. We will mostly be cooking , but will go out at least once for drinks and once or twice for dinner. I have searched the archives but some rec's may be outdated so I am looking for updated help for the following:

any good food shopping spots
a fun place for drinks
a great Cuban or other Latin influence restaurant
a great Asian place (be it Thai, Vietnamese, sushi, etc.)

thanks for any and all help!

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  1. For drinks: Blue Martini in City Place in West Palm. They open at 4 and on weekend nights have live music. You might enjoy walking around City Place, as well. For Cuban, try Cabana on the eastern end of Clematis Street in downtown West Palm, it never disappoints. I'm not a big fan of the Columbia in City Place (an outpost of the original in Ybor City, Tampa); but I've never had a bad meal there. For Asian, there are many local joints you can find on the archives, but if you want upscale, with funky glassware/place settings, good drinks, good food (and an awesome chocolate dessert sampler) try Echo in Palm Beach (owned by the Breakers).

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      1. Folks, please share your tips on great food. General tourism advice, shopping, and bar scenes fall outside Chowhound's mission, and will be removed.

        Thanks for keeping this a focused, useful data trove for the thousands of lurkers out there seeking WPB chow tips.

        1. Didn't mention whether you needed upscale food shopping, or just supplies, but the local Publix has a very excellent deli and bakery for a chain supermarket.

          1. Thank you for the great ideas. I did happen across Blue Martini as I searched and it looked interesting so I am glad to get your rec. Cabana has appeared in the archives as a good spot so we may well try that.

            In terms of Asian, as I look through it looks like good choices may be Echo, Sushi Jo, or Yoko for Sushi and Red Cyclo or Saigon City for Vietnamese. Does anyone know if they are all still open?

            It sounds as if Publix will cover what we need. I did see that there is an Asian market so that should cover any specialty needs we may have.

            Thanks again!