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May 9, 2007 04:59 AM

Tool for smoothing chips in glass dishes [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

I have some old depression dishes that I don't want to get rid of yet and I remember seeing a tool for smoothing or honing the chips out of the glass. Does anyone still have the link for that tool. Thanks, Richie

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  1. Sorry, I don't have the link but I bought a little gizmo at my kitchenwares store that's supposedly faced with diamonds. Anyway, it looks like a round file, it's about 6 inches long and works really well to smooth out chips in class/crystal/china...HTH

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      I finally found the link--(figuring out the correct search term took more than a few tries! didn't know what they call the d*mn thing!!!)...this is the same one I well...(don't know if it's the exact one you're looking for, though)

    2. I don't have a link, but if you check your local yellow pages for stained glass suppliers and/or studios, you'll find what you need. Basically either a diamond file, carborundum stone, or an electric grinder....a working glass studio with have this stuff and will probably do it for you cheaper than you can buy a good diamond file. Or, if you really want one, try Delphi Art Glass:

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        Thanks! I am going to pick it up at Bed Bath and Beyond. Richie