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May 9, 2007 04:46 AM

First time in Paris!


I am going for my first time to Paris (and Europe in general) in the beginning of June and I want to ask are the following restaurants I am going to, of good quality or should I save my $$$ and go somewhere else

Chez Robert et Louise
Chez Jenny
Sunday Brunch at the Ritz
Les Ambassadeurs

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  1. You're mixing high end restos with high end patisseries, like Ladurée where you'll go either for tea, a light lunch or just to get some of their famous macarons.

    Berthillon is just for ice creams which, BTW, you can get at lots of cafés and bistrots as well.
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    For Robert et Louise and Chez Jenny, you should find comments in other threads (use the search forum). Same for the Ritz and the Crillon (see your other threads started).

    Also, keep in mind, some places will be closed on weekends. Start to make a day-by-day plan of the places you wish to go and start making reservations. The more high end, the earlier!

    1. Skip Chez Jenny unless you are near the Pl de la Republique and have a craving for choucroute. Better versions can be had at Brasserie St. Louis or even any of the Flo places such as Bofinger. The food at these places are decent and in many cases with memorable decor. For traditional bistro food, go to Chez Clovis, Chez George, Aux Lyonnaise or Chez Denise. Try one of the "modern" chef owned bistros such as La Cerisaie, L'Avant Gout, Chez Michel, L'Ami Jean or Au Fil de Saison. These are places that make Paris such a great eating city.

      1. I've stated it elsewhere in this forum, but Chez Jenny is really quite horrible. Was there not long ago (with visiting friends) and it was awful, from food, to service, to general ambiance. I had been there about 20 years ago and it wasn't bad, but it has gotten A LOT worse.

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          Yes, due to the several complaints about the restaurant, I have decided to opt with the L'Alsaco.

          This is the new revised list:

          Chez Robert et Louise
          L'Angle du Faubourg
          Le Relais Plaza (Plaza Athenee)

        2. I have one word for you...Juan et Juanita in the 11th Arrondissement, I had an excellent 31st b-day meal here (two years ago), that we still talk about and dream about. It was cute, kitsch, the food was divine (best foie gras that ever passed my lips), the service friendly, it was my dream Parisian meal and not outlandishly expensive. Go there!