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May 9, 2007 04:15 AM

One More Request: Between VA Beach and Rocky Mount, NC

Still planning the trip and we're stopping in Rocky Mount - traveling south via Virginia Beach to stop there for lunch.

I understand Rocky Mount, NC is a chow wasteland (is that still the case?) - is there anyplace worth stopping between the two?

Again, we're talking basic chow. Nothing fancy. Good 'cue, good fried chicken, etc. Traditional home-style cuisine.

Any thoughts on good lunch places in Virginia Beach?


- Langrrr

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  1. There is a place on Baxter Rd. in VA Beach called "Smoked from Above" that is fantastic. Barbeque of all make and model, dirt cheap, lunch specials, etc.

    1. There is a great BBQ place called Ralph's just off Interstate 95 (east side). They called themselves being in Weldon, but we took the Roanoke Rapids exit. Warning - their BBQ is the NC kind...vinegar based. They had a delicious buffet but you can order from a menu. The veggies were like my mama used to cook.

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        Thanks! I wound up finding a recommendation for Ralph's, and after a bit of a search (made the wrong turn off 95), we arrived.

        Omigod. Great barbecue. We used to go to Pierce's in Williamsburg, but authentic NC 'cue is on a completely different level. I gotta say, the pulled pork off the buffet was the way to go, and we had to order collards off the menu, but they were fantastic.

        I only wish my parents had stopped there - they were a few hours ahead of us.

        1. re: Langrrr

          Maybe my directions to Ralph's were sort of off. So happy someone loved it as much as I did - am returning in June myself

        2. re: sdoby22

          to get to Ralphs you take the Roanoke Rapids/Weldon exit, at the off ramp you will go towards Weldon. The dividing line between Weldon and Roanoke Rapids is the I-95 overpass. Ralphs is on the left.

          1. re: toolprincess

            If you are willing to go a little south of Rocky Mount you have both Parkers BBQ and Bills BBQ in Wilson, both very good examples of eastern nc bbq.

            1. re: chazzer

              Gardners, in RM, is on par with Ralphs. Folks from RR would probably kill me for saying that ,and folks from RM would also. I used to live in Scotland Neck so I was between both, and frequently sampled their fine food.


              1. re: dvhartley

                Just wanted to second the recommendation for Gardner's. Used to travel alot from Richmond to Raleigh, and always included a stop there.