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May 9, 2007 12:55 AM

Best Place To Buy Demeyere

I've decided to purchase Demeyere cookware ( Atlantis ) and wonder if anyone can advise me as to where I would likely find the best prices ?

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  1. Try this link. These people order it directly from Belgium and it will get to you in a couple of weeks. I am pretty sure these are the lowest prices out there, and they do include things like the lid when you are given a price.

    1. Sur La Table carries Demeyere, definitely the Atlantis and one other...maybe the Sirocco?

      Probably not the best price however.

      1. has the best prices I've found on Demeyere, so close to 125west on most items that I wonder if they're both ordering from the same supplier. I don't know what each charges for shipping, but that would make the difference. They're still ridiculously expensive.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Metro Kitchen, free shipping and they actually stock some of it.