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Chocaholics Tour of Melbourne...

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Did it Saturday..

Noice.. very noice...

Started at Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie for a lecture on chocolate history. Tasted the unrefined cacao bean, sampled insane amounts of dark, biiter chocolate and nibbled on delectable little chockie petit fours.. One down side, the hot chocolate was luke warm and very weak. (I'd been to Max Brenner's for Mexican chocolate the week before, so was sorely dosappointed with the quality at Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie)

A quick walk to the Block Arcade. The tour guide Suzie was full of amusing anecdotes about the history and the architecture.. she was a real find...

So off to the Block, to "do" Haigh's... le swoon... lots and lots and LOTS of samples of various chockie delights... freckles, orange oil chockies, peppermint crisps, and Haigh's versions of Malteesers.. to noice..

Plenty of time to stock up and spend, too...

Then, we're off to the Manchester Unity Arcade, to discuss the different architecture and Art Deco style... and a final chockie scoff at Caffé Mediterraneum, for Belguin chocolate muffins and more hot chockie.. (I piked, and ordered a soda water...)

Muchos yumminess..

Can highly recommend it... plenty chockie and lots of interesting "stuff", all for $30 a head!!

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  1. What company ran the tour?

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    1. Did you by any chance stop by Koko Black? The one on Lygon St is great.