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May 8, 2007 09:44 PM

Mother's Day Brunch/Lunch Restaurants Fresno...any ideas or leads??

I know this is completely late in planning, but does anyone in the Fresno area know of a nice restaurant for a 11am-3pm brunch/lunch??? Anything in that time period is okay. I tried googling some well-known rest. but no Mother's Day menus were posted.

Any ideas or reccommendations from earlier years??

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  1. The only suggestion I have is where NOT to go... the hotel across the street from Selland Arena, I think it's a Doubletree Inn... typical open buffet problems.. warm stuff cold, cold stuff warm, and none of it very tasty.... I've been looking for good Mother's Day fare myself this year.

    1. The following are places I know serve brunch on a typical Sunday. I don't know if they do something extra for Mother's Day or not.

      For an upscale type I would suggest Campagnia. (You might want to see if they take reservations.)
      For more chain type places - Mimi's, Chevy's, & Sweet Tomatoes.

      Probably the best bets would be one of the local country clubs but I'm pretty sure that would require membership. (But you never know, it may be worth a call.) Some if the local ones would be San Joaquin, Fort Washington (? - not sure on this one), Copper River, Sunnyside.

      Don't know if Don Fernando is doing a brunch this year or not.

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        FYI: Don Fernando doesn't have a beer/wine or liquor license yet. He is expecting to get it in a couple of weeks. Also, he wouldn't allow us to bring our wine and pay corkage. Interesting, perhaps some new rules...

      2. Copper River CC puts out a pretty impressive spread on Sundays.

        1. If I remember correctly, Slates did a mother's day brunch last year that I heard was pretty impressive. Not sure if they are doing it again this year, but their (unimpressive) website is posted below that has their contact information.

          I might also be inclined, if my mom were adventurous, to eat somewhere out of town. For example, maybe a nice drive to Visalia to go to Acequia. It will be busy there, because it is going to be busy everywhere, but probably less busy than the nice places in Fresno.

          Post on Acequia:

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            Hey a quick note to add, I received an email from Bentley's and they are doing a Mother's Day brunch....that might be nice. Here is a link to the menu:


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