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May 8, 2007 09:38 PM

deli / picnic / take-out places in Sonoma & Napa Valleys?

What are some good places in the Sonoma and Napa Valleys for getting deli / lunch / picnic fixings to go? Recommended bakeries which also serve savories would be fine, too.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. the best thing is to stop at dean & deluca and pick up something.
    either eat it there (plenty of space on the side) or take it to a winery with good picnic grounds (alpha omega a few miles up 29 is very nice)

    1. This is for Napa, unsure of Sonoma:
      1) Dean and DeLuca, St. Helena
      2) Oakville Grocery, Oakville
      3) LaLuna Market, Rutherford (if you're in the mood for great tacos, tamales, burritos)
      4) Genova Deli, Napa
      5) Have heard ABC Bakery in Napa does great sandwiches, etc.
      6) Browns Valley Market, Napa, take out deli stuffs
      oh, and Bouchon Bakery, Yountville does have some sandwiches, their sweets go without saying

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      1. re: Dan Wodarcyk

        1. the fig pantry - also in-house baked goods & Sweetie Pie baked goods
        2. Sonoma Market - beside a great deli and wine selection, most local bakeries represted
        3. The Cheesemakers Daughter
        4. Vella Cheese

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          Second The Fig Pantry, very well stocked with a large array of food stuffs. The Fig Salad was great.


        2. re: Dan Wodarcyk

          This board has several recs for Sunshine Market in downtown St. Helena for their great deli food.

          1. re: Mick Ruthven

            Yes, please read Celeste's happy experience with Sunshine Market posted today at

            That thread has contact info and a specific person with whom Celeste worked with to provide her with a lovely experience.

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          1. My vote is for Oakville Grocery they have great sandwiches and pre-made items. If you're out wine tasting some vineyards have picnic areas check ahead. Buy your favorite bottle of wine (from the vineyard) and have your lunch with the bottle.

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            1. re: chrystaldawn

              I agree, Oakville has some fabulous items. Great sandwiches and goodies for spreading on crackers/bread like cheeses and spreads.

              And don't forget the Sonoma Cheese Company if you're heading to Sonoma. That whole Plaza area is full of cute shops to wander through.

            2. We enjoy getting take-away from Cafe Citti in Kenwood. It's conveniently located about halfway down the Sonoma winery trail; just about the time we get hankering for some lunch, it's there!

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              1. re: tenspeedsf

                Ooh, I can smell the rosemary and garlic wafting off the rotisserie chicken. That with a Caesar salad has been the best I've had from Cafe Citti.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  yummm...finger-likin' good chicken at Cafe Citti!