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May 8, 2007 09:14 PM

Westside cold jellyfish?

Can Asian-style cold jellyfish salad be found on the westside? By jellyfish salad, I mean shredded jellyfish with (optional) cucumber, daikon and/or carrots in a vinegary, hot mustard or wasabi-type sauce. Or soy-based sauce.

Perfect protein snack for hot weather.

Alternate: cold tongue, ear, hoof - cooked and sliced? No way am I going to saw through a grinning pig (worse, cow) head.

So, to sum up: something salty, gelatinous, crunchy, cold. On the westside.


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  1. We always get the jellyfish salad as an appetizer at Hop Li on Pico. It's not spectacular but not bad either,

    For cold tongue on the westside I'd bet you'd have more luck at a deli like Nate n Al's than at a Chinese place, but maybe there's somewhere I'm not thinking of.

    1. Nigiya Market on Sawtelle has all kinds of cold Japanese salads in their refrigerator section. My favorite is the seaweed salad, it's obviously not jellyfish, but it fits your critera of cold, crunchy, gelatinous protein. They may have a jellyfish salad as well--I haven't looked for it. I believe they have some sunumonos as well. So sorry if i butchered the Japanese.