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May 8, 2007 07:13 PM

New Mexican in Federal Hill

I passed by the Light Street location of the former Beef Bowl She Made and found that the rumored Mexican place had just opened Monday afternoon. It's called Elvis', which is the same name and same owner of the roast beef place at the same location about a year ago.
Elvis' gets a big thumbs up for service, flavor and value. I had the pork papusa ($1.50) which was delicious, but a bit greasy, and the Bean and Rice Burrito ($5.50) which was huge and really hit the spot.
This is a nice addition to the neighborhood and one that deserves to succeed.

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  1. I just had their grilled chicken taco and it was quite well made (though they gave it to me on a flour tortilla, rather than the corn tortilla I ordered). The menu is limited to tacos, pupusas, burritos and nachos, and the atmosphere is zilch, but I'm glad to have this place in the neighborhood, so far.