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May 8, 2007 06:38 PM

Changes on Sawtelle - Waffles and a new sushi place?

Walking down Sawtelle today I noticed that Sushi Tenn is gone and there is a sign for a new sushi place coming in its stead. I also noticed that that the cafe next door to Kirkiko and Yakitori-Ya --most recently called Catch 22, I believe-- is also defunct and there is a waffle place (Baby Waffles???) going into that space.

Anyone have the 411 on either of these changes?

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  1. i was on sawtelle today, too and noticed the same thing. baby blonde waffles... man, that location has had so much business turnaround since relaxstation left. anyway, i peeked in and saw that the menu consists of regular, strawberry, chocolate, and some other flavor of waffles...all for a very reasonable price. looks like they're trying to start up a new dessert trend. it better be dang good to compete with neighboring pinkberry and beard papas.

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    1. re: greengelato

      Where is the Pinkberry on Sawtelle? I drive down that street often and have never seen it...

      1. re: spicygal

        Because you can't really see it from the street. It's in the court yard of the complex that Kiriko is in....


        1. re: Dommy

          Which may be why it is one of the 'saner' Pinkberrys around :)

          1. re: igj

            Just don't go on a Friday night. On my way out of Yashima on a Friday night, there was such a line at Pinkberry that any thoughts of grabbing some frozen yogurt left me.

        2. re: spicygal

          its in the olympic collection dommy said, you can't really see it from the street.

      2. Does anyone know whether or not it's good? Waffles...sounds pretty good to me!

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        1. re: cynthia105

          The waffle place isn't open yet. Also a new sushi place is moving into the old Sasabune place.

          1. re: cynthia105

            A friend told me about the new store and I popped in today after some ramen. They are open and they're delish! Perfect size; not to big and not to small. Easy to hold in one hand but still room to pile on lots of goodies. Try chocolate and strawberries!!
            Pinkberry is out Babyblonde Waffles are in!!!

            Babyblonde Waffles
            11301 W. Olympic Blvd., #103

          2. The new sushi place is coming in two weeks, by the former owners of HAMA SUSHI!! It is going to be called Bar Hama!!

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            1. re: cupcake

              Is that in the former Sasabune space or the Sushi Tenn space?

              1. re: igj

                That will, in theory, be in the ex-Sasabune space, now relieved of its cheesy Mexican restaurant facade.

            2. I was in Japan a few years ago and came across a waffle snack spot. It was really good. They were thick like belgium waffles and about the size of the palm of your hand. It was really easy to eat and walk with it. So I'm not surprised that they might make a run of it here in LA, especially around Sawtelle. I'm just guessing that this place will be similar to the place in Japan.

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              1. re: bigtums

                I had that too! I think they were called Meineken or something else that sounded like a beer label. They were great snacks; I had one half-covered with chocoloate and loved it.

                1. re: alexfood

                  Oh my gosh! I had the chocolate one too and I made my husband get the plain one. They were both good, but it's not like I ran to get another one before I left the great land of the rising sun. There were too many other GREAT treats to eat. I do remember them having a box of them to go packed like some Entemann donuts.

              2. i am POed catch 22 is gone. i moved here from san francisco for school, and i live up the street right where the 405 and 10 intersect. anyway, sawtelle is miserable except for that japanese district. catch 22 was the best. i went there all the time.. they seemed to be doing pretty well. i can't believe it!