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May 8, 2007 06:27 PM

Nice eats at Beaches or near lake for stroll...

Any place you can recommend for lunch or dinner near the lake? I can't think of anything tasty there....except the ice-cream place near Quigleys!

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  1. Sadly, the Beaches is a culinary wasteland. However Akane-ya at Queen St. and Sprucehill Rd. has some great Japanese/ sushi. The chef was Hiros apprentice for many years.

    1. Sauvignon, at Queen and Rainsford (one block west of Woodbine). Dinner only.

      1. We've always enjoyed Yumei Sushi, one of the oldest Japanese restaurants along Queen St. East in the Beaches. It's at 2116F, a couple of blocks east of Kew Beach Park, north side of Queen. Good sushi made when your order it, low luncheon prices, a private room with a table for 6 at the back, attentive service. We usually phone ahead for reservations - 416 698-7705.

        1. I confess I haven't been there yet, but the new Balsam, where Peppino's was for some years, has got good reviews from neighbours. 2343 Queen St. E., close enough to Ed's Real Scoop for dessert.

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            man, why is the food so terrible in the Beach, it isn't like there isn't a tonne of money there now.... Even the pub grub is sub-standard. Brunch? Go to Leslieville. Dinner? Go to Leslieville.

            1. re: antifoodie

              i live in the beach and agree that the food, for the most part, sucks. Couple words of advice for all of you who will be coming by this summer.
              Peppino's was good and is now closed. Something has opened in its place but i haven't been yet.
              Burritto's from The Happy Sailor are pretty good for a snack type meal.
              Wings at the Lion on the Beach are fair if you get hungry while sitting on the patio.
              Quigley's is ok-ish pub food but the service is, by far, the worst in the city when the patio opens up. Expect to wait up to 1 1/2 hours for your food in summer and expect the smell of trash wafting over the patio. And their beer on tap is, well....just order bottles and be safe.
              Pomegranate is very good and nice to sit in.
              Brunch is good at Shananigans (Sp?) but don't ask for any alterations on anything. When asked to add some spice to a dish, we were told 'the chef serves it as he likes to serve it'
              I've always had good everything at A-ki-da and Japango.
              Eggplant is always full these days so it must be doing something right.
              Coffee at The Remarkable Bean is the best in the strip of endless coffee shops. Their Quiche is quite tasty as well.
              Edward Levesque is a sure thing. Awesome brunch.
              Pulp Kitchen is really good.
              Tomi-Kro is highly overrated! Rude servers. We were the second people in an hour to ask for our bill because we wanted to leave after spending 200.00 on dinner and being treated as an inconvience (and I'm a bartender, I'm very polite in restaurants). Never left a bad tip before in my life till dinner there.

            2. re: DylS

              I've been to Balsam. Was fairly impressed also. More formal than most places but fair prices. It was packed too, so recommend reservations.

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                You really should try some of the places that have cropped since 2005 before you grossly generalize.

                Leslieville is fine if you're hanging around in Leslieville but if you're wanting to stroll the boardwalk either before or after dinner, a Beaches resto is probably what one has in mind. There's a new crop of which you are completely unaware.

              2. Vi Vetha, on Queen E, near the water treatment plant, at the end of the streetcar line. Finally, a decent place in the BEACH for brunch, lunch and dinner.

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                  We must try Vivetha - we live fairly close to it. Many people of all ages at this website back you up.