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Bay Area Rabbit Recommendations?

Hello Chowhounds,

Can anyone recommend local restaurants w/good rabbit entree?



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  1. Not always on the menu:


    1. Not generally my favorite restaurant because it is overpriced, in my opionion, and not all the dishes are good, is B44. A co-worker of mine ordered the paella with rabbit and it was better than some of their other paella preparations.


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        I'm not crazy about their paellas (except for the arros negra), but I like the roast rabbit with picada sauce.

      2. Grilled half rabbit is always on the menu at Il Pollaio, an Italian grill in North Beach.


        1. Paprika Rabbit at Aziza

          1. Lulu use to serve it. I've had it done three way there. It was good. I'd really like to try rabbit at a Basque restaurant, or fire roasted. Seems like a rustic approach could be very good.

            1. The new Bar Bambino has a nice rabbit with paparadelle. Simply prepared, probably just a few herbs and olive oil with bunny meat.

              1. Go to Firenze by Night over in North Beach - they have an excellent paparadelle with a rabbit ragu. Overall, the restaurant is good not great, but this dish is very comforting.

                1. If you're willing to travel to Sonoma County, Farmhouse in Forestville has a very famous dish called Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. I've heard lots about it and even read about it in a magazine but have not tried it myself. I loved my past visit to the restaurant though and will be looking to return to try the rabbit (prepared three ways). Hope this helps!

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                    I've had rabbit 3 ways at the Farmhouse and it's good! Have it with whatever Pinot Noir the sommolier recommends.

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                      My husband got the Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit at Farmhouse Inn and LOVED it. He let me have a bit of the loin, and it was indeed heavenly. I had the fish and it was also excellent. In fact, everything we had was memorable and wonderful. I've written a long post about our dinner there, but it goes back a way.

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                        OMG, I love the Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit at Farmhouse. The tiny little leg confit was favorite, but really, the other two preparations were just as good. Best rabbit I've ever had!

                        But that's not too local (well, for me at least) - I think the last time I had it in SF was at Lulu.

                      2. In less than one week I had the rabbit at Myth and at Aziza - both remarkably different and both remarkably good. I would hedge Aziza's rabbit slightly better in moisture and presentation (you got a full leg" to gnaw on as well as medallions). Myth's was great as well but so rich I had to save half of it for breakfast the next day and THAT was quite well enjoyed!

                          1. Caffe Verbena in Oakland (11th and Broadway) has rabbit on the menu. I've enjoyed it several times. Yum.

                            1. My BF had a wonderful braised rabbit entree at Incanto. Call ahead to see if it's still on the menu, since things like this tend to be seasonal and change often.

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                                Incanto's menu changes daily, so it's always good to call first if you have your heart set on a particular dish.

                              2. Albona has one of the best braised rabbit entrees I've ever had, although I admit my last visit there was over three years ago. You may want to check more recent postings on CH to see if the quality is still up to par. I believe thats a staple on the menu


                                Boulevard had a to-die-for rabbit risotto with rabbit loin appetizer that melted in ones mouth. I never saw the item again :-(

                                1. Walking by Perbacco I noticed that they had a pasta with rabbit, bacon, porcini, and favas on the menu today.

                                  1. Does Quince still have their tagliatelle with braised rabbit? I could have died right then and there after having eaten it.

                                    1. Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit at the Farmhouse is awfully darn tasty.
                                      If Chez Panisse has it on the menu (only had it upstairs) expect delicious-ness.
                                      I feel, that in terms of overall treatment, Italians/Italian cuisine does rabbit best. Either braised, fricasse or properly roasted.
                                      Report findings, please and bon appetit.