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May 8, 2007 05:45 PM

Bay Area Rabbit Recommendations?

Hello Chowhounds,

Can anyone recommend local restaurants w/good rabbit entree?



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  1. Not always on the menu:


    1. Not generally my favorite restaurant because it is overpriced, in my opionion, and not all the dishes are good, is B44. A co-worker of mine ordered the paella with rabbit and it was better than some of their other paella preparations.


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      1. re: Jeni Bean

        I'm not crazy about their paellas (except for the arros negra), but I like the roast rabbit with picada sauce.

      2. Grilled half rabbit is always on the menu at Il Pollaio, an Italian grill in North Beach.

        1. Paprika Rabbit at Aziza

          1. Lulu use to serve it. I've had it done three way there. It was good. I'd really like to try rabbit at a Basque restaurant, or fire roasted. Seems like a rustic approach could be very good.