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Best Fish tacos in Dallas?

Where can I find the best fish tacos in Dallas, preferably in the downtown area? I will be in Dallas this week and want to taste some authentic fish tacos.

On a side note, are authentic fish tacos fried? We've been making them at home here in MD and DH has been deep frying the fish in tempura batter. Its SO awesome and I'd love to find something similar while in Dallas.

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  1. I would love to know the answer to this question as well - fish tacos are delicious, but I haven't seen many around. The ones I've had are:

    Taco Diner: fish rubbed with achiote paste and grilled (probably griddled). Kind of oily, and not really as flavorful as I'd prefer... but good enough. They also make fish tacos that are served with a sweet tamarind-based sauce, which I enjoyed less.

    Mia's: a relatively new item there - almost like a fish-hash, with small bits of fish, peppers and onions - it had a pretty good jalapeno kick to it. It was also oily, but really tasty! A slightly sweet slaw on the side went well.

    Tin Star: these are fried (don't know if it's authentic or not, but it's good!) Probably not the best quality fish, but with all the toppings it's a pretty enjoyable taco.

    if there are great ones out there, I haven't found them. But these are all fair to good. I'm sure we'll hear about the really good stuff from the more experienced chowhounds.

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      Try Fish City Grill (one at Preston & Royal is closer to downtown but not really close). Their fish tacos are unique (wrapped like a tight burrito instead of a taco) but they are addictively good. Even the dirty rice that comes with it is great.

    2. I like the ones at La Duni..the location on Mckinney (the other one does not have them)...The fish is not fried, but very tasty...

      1. My DH loves the fish tacos at Cafe San Miguel on the south side of Henderson. He is a big ftaco lover and thinks they are the best in Dallas. They are tilapia and fried in a tempura like batter. The best he has had in Arlington/Pantego area were grouper and at Mijo's. In my experience they are typically fried-don't know if that is authentic.

        1. Weird place, but good fish tacos, Garden Cafe. Really delicious and light.

          1. ZuZu's are pretty good.

            1. I haven't eaten many fish tacos in Dallas, but I can confirm that, while it may not be necessary to be fried to be authentic, certainly the fried ones are authentic. As I understand it, fish tacos first started becoming popular in the US in Southern California about 20 to 25 years ago, copying tiny seaside fish stands down in Baja; these Baja stands mostly served fried fish tacos. I have no doubt that there are other types of fish tacos, perhaps even older and more authentic, that aren't fried, but the Baja tradition of the fish taco is deep fried, and that's authentic enough for me.

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                I would concur on the Cafe San Migel rec. They are fried snapper with homemaid corn tortillas. This is also probably the best all around Mex in town IMO.

              2. I would like to second the Fish City Grill recommendation...
                We must have eaten hundreds of these wrapped fish tacos before we ventured on to different parts of the menu (btw, start off with a cup of gumbo). Go at 11am when they open on a wednesday, and ask for Kevin...he's our go-to server. We'll be in the first booth, a banker, a police officer, and myself (usually in shorts and flip flops). Say hello, we won't bite...unless you taste like shrimp.

                1. My dining partner seems to like the fish tacos at AwShucks on greenville, pretty decent for this kind of place, and they have a grilled option as well...

                  1. Our local favorites are the blackened salmon tacos at La Calle Doce. They have two locations- both fairly easy to get to from downtown.

                    1. I am a fish taco nut! I only eat the grilled ones, though. My favorites:
                      Baja Fresh at MacArthur and 635. It's the only Baja Fresh location in Texas. You can get the tacos fried or grilled.
                      Two Rows (several locations). They have good blackened fish and excellent tacos.

                      1. my father was a real estate manager on the yucatan around tulum/playa/cozumel when i was growing up and i have eaten ALOT of fish tacos.

                        an authentic yucatan style fish taco is as follows -

                        grilled white fish on a corn tortilla with pico de gallo, chipotle tartersauce/mayo and lime juice.

                        1. cafe san miguel is definitely my first choice if I'm craving fish tacos.

                          1. Alvarado's Mexican Food has a couple of locations in ft worth and NRH and it looks like they opened a new one on NW HWY. Very autentico,, battered,fried huge plank of white fish( maybe talapia, sometimes tastes very clean like cod , sometimes muddy/fishy like catfish almost) cabbage, pico, tartar sauce on two corn tortillas.If you dont like tartar sauce make sure you tell them because they slather it on. all the tacos here are larger than typical taco stand style so two is more than enough.