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May 8, 2007 05:08 PM

Pine Ridge wines

Have heard good things, but never tried. I love the big bold ones. How are these??

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  1. not being critical becuase ehy are good wines but i greatly prefer paradigm and others. IMHO pine ridge's popularity supports it being overpriced. are you looking to buy the howell mtn, oakville, stags leap or "onyx"?

    1. Would you like to be more specific? Are you talking about their Cabernet (and if so, which one)? Their Bordeaux blends (and if so, which one)? Merlot? Cab Franc? Chenin Blanc-Viognier blend???

      They make very good-to-excellent wines, but I'm not sure I would ever describe them as "bold," if you mean by that a wine that is "in-your-face" and "over-the-top."

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        Good question. I really like the SLD, but all in my cellar are from the old Gary Andrus days, so I cannot comment on the current releases. I have not tried the Howell Mtn. bottlings, but love most from that sub-appelation (that I have tried), so big and bold is one my board.


      2. over rated

        what price point are you looking for? are you looking for big bold cab? if so...look something else. i would not say pine ridge is huge wine

        1. I would tend to agree with Ricky on this.

          They aren't *bad* wines. Just not particularly interesting. It sounds like you are talking about reds? If so, they run from the low 30's to $80+. You can do a lot better from some other producers in those price ranges.

          1. As a former PR club member, I have a variety of bottles and have tried almost everything they release.

            As far as "bold", that's not their MO; their winemaker tries to keep in the tradition of Bordeaux style wines with a new world/Cali edge. Yes, this style is becoming trite and few wineries pull it off consistently.

            I thought their late 90s early 2000s releases were excellent; the best being the various cabernets from different appelations. If you want "bold", try their Howell Mountain.

            But, I do agree with the other posts that for the price point, there are better options and that plus the recent average releases persuaded me to cancel my club membership and future purchases.