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May 8, 2007 04:26 PM

Devilled Egg Discovery!

Been making devilled eggs...well, ever since I left home and couldn't get my mom's anymore. She made hers with just mayonnaise, dry mustard, and a little salt and pepper, to which I added a dash of Tabasco. I will eat the ones with curry powder incorporated, but I prefer the plain, egg-salad taste of ours. Anyway, I had a couple of boiled eggs left over from the other night and thought a devilled egg apiece would be a nice garnish for our cold-chicken supper tonight, and then I started thinking about that wasabi mayonnaise I'd gotten from Trader Joe's...h'm! It sure was good on my cold steak sandwich at lunch - bet it'd work for eggs, too. So I split the eggs, mashed up the yolks in a little bowl with a pinch of salt and a grind of pepper, then worked in enough of the wasabi mayonnaise to get the proper degree of gooeyness. Oh, my - this is a REALLY devilled egg! It was both pungent and rich, warm and cool - the wasabi goes right up your nose, though not harshly, and still that good eggy flavor comes through the way I like it. Granted, the color's a little weird, a kind of warm celadon, but I think it'd be fun to play that up with a scattering of minced parsley - or maybe go ahead and sprinkle on paprika, as Mom always did.

Anyway, there it is - no recipe, really, since it's a little less complicated than a baloney sandwich. More fun to eat, though!

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  1. Along a similar vein, I like to make mine with mayo and a little chipotle. But, yours sound great, and I'll have to most definitely try them.

    I'm not a big fan of eggs at all, but I do love them deviled!

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    1. re: QueenB

      What a great idea, Will. I have that wasabi stuff in the fridge and always wish I was using it in more creative ways. I will definetely try this.

    2. Forget mayo. Use butter instead, OMG!

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      1. re: Candy

        You tryin' to kill me all the way from Indiana, Candy?

        In response to QueenB, I hated hardboiled eggs when I was a kid, but as soon as some mayonnaise got mixed in somehow they became not only acceptable but wonderful. Devilled, eggs, egg salad, and of course our family's 1-egg-per-potato potato salad.

        1. re: Will Owen

          Will, I tried Candy's recommendation for butter a few months back, and it was marvelous and unique. I am of firm belief that she is not attempting to be the Butter Bomber from Bloomington. In fact, it adds an extra dimension to the "Southern Baptist Deviled Eggs" that seek to ameliorate the dry crumbly texture of overcooked yolk by the addition of mayo as a moisturizer.

          My current technique: Yolks barely set to hard, with a hint of soft orange still in the center. Shave some butter with a fork onto the yolks, then cream with fork. Add a bit of mayo as needed to moisturize. It seems like a 50/50 amount of first butter then mayo. (Forgive me, Candy, for reconciling the Butter Bomb with my traditional mayo roots).

          Wasabi is great, and I follow it with minced green onions and parsley to bring the color up to a fuller more recognizable green. Celadon is a color name that this Okie would have to look up on the internet.

          To achieve a similar effect to wasabi, without the green, use horseradish.

          1. re: FoodFuser

            FF, the butter/mayo mix in the devilled eggs sounds wonderful - must try it. On a related note, I have been using butter in my egg salad spread. (Yeah, I know...I'm going straight to hell but it will be a happy trip!) I use about 2 Tbsps. of butter for about 8 eggs, then mayo to moisten to whatever consistency. The butter enhances the egg so well.

            1. re: FoodFuser

              I have been referred to as the Butter Queen in the past, I guess youe majesty or mam'n will do.

            2. re: Will Owen

              Will - I am currently sitting in my house having tuna (canned) with that yummy wasabi mayo. I mix a little wasabi mayo w/regular mayo. (I also add chopped green onion and cranberries) YUM! Scooping with Tostitos "scoops". Wasabi mayo is great for all sorts of stuff. I also use in ahi sashimi or if I buy outside, tuna sushi rolls, I mix wasabi mayo w a little La Yu, chili oil and soy sauce to use as a "dip" for the sushi rolls. Glad you've discovered it. :)KQ

            3. re: Candy

              Candy, the butter sans mayo sounds interesting. Can you share more in the way of a recipe or proportions? Say, X butter to a dozen eggs, plus additions, etc?

              1. re: OldDog

                About a srick of butter to a dozen eggs. If it is not quite moist enough add a little more. You might cream some wasabi powder into the butter to get something approaching Will's wasabi eggs. If using butter instead of mayo and you refrigerate them, remember to let them warm a bit before serving because the butter will harden.

                1. re: Candy

                  Do you have the butter softened ahead of time? This sounds intriguing...

                  1. re: Candy

                    Thanks very much, Candy. I'll definitely try that for our next potluck.

              2. I also love the wasabi deviled eggs, and we like to sprinkle some egg roe (tobiko) for a little crunch and more asian flavor. Oh I long for Trader Joe's!!!!

                1. Thanks. This is a must-try. I'm already getting a chuckle just anticipating the looks on people's faces when I set out celadon-colored deviled eggs.

                  1. Yum! Thanks for sharing. I loved deviled eggs. Would be very x-masy with the paprika on top.

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                    1. re: bite bite

                      My mother cuts out poinsettia petals from bottled red peppers to make a poinsettia on top of each egg with a bit of parsley at Christmastime

                      1. re: Candy

                        Interesting. I thought pointsettas were poisonous.

                        1. re: bite bite

                          i think she means that they cut poinsettias shapes from the roasted red peppers...
                          speaking of, isn't the poinsettia poison thing a myth? i heard to keep animals from them wasn't indeed truth?!? can anyone clarify?

                          1. re: lollya

                            Oh yeah. That makes sense. And sounds pretty too.

                            1. re: lollya

                              poinsettias are definintely poisonous, as is mistletoe-- not a myth at all. watch out for pets and little kids during holiday times if they like to eat strange, colorful plants. . .

                              1. re: soupkitten

                                I did a little research...and it all points to poinsettias not being poisonous.

                                okay so i just answered my own question by googling. serioulsy, will i ever learn!?

                                i can have poinsettias all over the place now!

                                1. re: lollya

                                  Including on your devilled eggs? :)

                                  1. re: bite bite

                                    heh. bite bite you kill me. thanks for the giggle this morning. ;)

                                  2. re: lollya

                                    lollya please be careful, just because poinsettias won't KILL you doesn't mean they are safe. the latex, leaves and stems of this plant are toxic and can cause dermatitis and severe vomiting. small children and pets should still be kept away imo

                                    1. re: soupkitten

                                      thanks, i know they are not necessarily safe to eat...i will make sure not to use them for a salad topping anytime soon! :)

                                      1. re: lollya

                                        LOL! i haven't had any problems with my cats with having poinsettias around at all, but i've totally seen little toddlers try to eat the big, pretty red leaves off of them. if you don't have any really little kids i suspect you will be fine-- just wanted to give you a heads up. :)

                              2. re: bite bite

                                As I said bottleled red peppers, the roasted type of red bell pepper. She just decorates them at Christimastine to look like they are decorated with mini-poinsettias

                                1. re: Candy

                                  I get that now. Such a sweet idea.