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May 8, 2007 04:23 PM

Bar Bambino - anyone been yet?

Just heard about this place. Has any chowhound tried it? Also I could not get the wines to come up on their website,

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    1. i just went and they were getting slammed. we arrived around 9:30 and got seated by 10. very well-intentioned place and i think that they will do very well, but they need a bit of time, just to get the service down.
      short synposis: assorted breads-basic, but good
      pappa al pomodoro -will be smashing when tomatoes come into season
      house cured salumi plate-beautiful, delicate, delish
      pappardelle con coniglio-rabit sugo-pretty great, pappardelle had an unusual texture that was pleasing
      buccatini al gangiovechhio-proscuiotto, cauliflower, currants-good but not well integrated
      mushrooms al forno-not my favorite

      i would say that desserts were lacking, wine was great, food was good, and their pastas were well-cooked and that ain't easy. i

      i think in the coming weeks they will get the kinks worked out and it'll be great