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May 8, 2007 03:38 PM

Sabor a Mexico - Chile Poblano Relleno de Picadillo

We went to Sabor a Mexico this past Saturday, we just love their food. We once again order huaraches, very good again, great fluffy quesadillas, and their special of the day, chile poblano relleno de picadillo, it was so good, filled with delicious picadillo, you have to try it. The wait this time wasn't bad at all, only the time that took to prepare our 'made to order' food. We were there at around 3:00 pm, we were the only ones there, they were preparing for their cinco de mayo celebration that evening.
This time we also ordered Jamaica, it was some of the best that we have ever had. Strong and very refreshing.

For us SAM is a great excuse to drive from SCV to Culver City!!

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