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May 8, 2007 03:30 PM

Miao Miao Replaces Chow Chow In Monterey Park

Here's one I almost missed. The replacement of Chow Chow at 639 W. Garvey by Miao Miao was so subtle (small signage and similarity in names) that I don't know when it happened. The differences between the restaurants in stark, however, since Chow Chow was a Chiu Chow restaurant, while Miao Miao is some type of Northern Chinese cuisine. The biggest clue about the Northern Chinese origins of this restaurant is the dish called Northern China Style Seaweed soup. But in addition they have corn bread, corn with pine nuts, and beef rolls which I think are associated with northern China. Other interesting items on the menu include spicy mashed potato, sweet potato cake, shredded potato dishes, and various types of "pancake dishes" (which might well include thick cut noodles).

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  1. I had a corn with pine nuts dish tiwce while in Zhongsan last month and just thought it was a local thing and not a Northern China thing. Maybe it is a Northern dish and just spread south and across the pacific.

    BTW - The dish is a great side dish and goes great with the seafood mains.

    Thanks for the tip.