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Sushi in Asheville

Where can i find good sushi in Asheville, NC? We just moved to the area and haven't ventured out to find it (nothing worse than dissapointing sushi!). Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. Wasabi is very good. I also like Heiwa Shokudo but it is a very different vibe - try em both!

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        My favorite these days is Green Tea - not downtown - but Wasabi is reliable....

      2. Wasabi is OK. But we prefer Zen Sushi. It's about two miles north of downtown on Merrimon Avenue (US Rte 25). It'll be on the left as you go north and it's in a strip mall, but don't let the location put you off. They have excellent lunchtime sushi specials...

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          I agree with Mardy. Zen Sushi is my favorite sushi bar in Asheville. Splurge and spring for some of the special rolls - you won't be disappointed.

        2. I like Ichiban as well, they always have interesting specials.

          1. Wasabi is good, as is Zen Sushi, I've heard good things about Green Tea but not been there...There are two new places opening up on Biltmore Ave, one is by the same family who has Wasabi, Ichiban and CF Chans and the other is a stand alone, should be interesting :)

            1. I ate at Wasabi 3 years ago. I still remember that the sesame seeds tasted freshly toasted.
              It was excellent.

              1. I love Zen Sushi. I've tried them all and this is the best. Fairly priced and nice staff as well.

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                  Heiwa is the place to go. They make it with brown rice (if you request it.) Often they have wild salmon, not farm raised, and they offer other organic ingredients and meats. They also have the toasted brown rice tea (gen-maici, sp?) which is very good. Oh, and their other entree selections are much more interesting then what you usually encounter at a sushi restaurant.

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                    I agree - Heiwa is really good too. Tiny space though, so plan on waiting for a table on weekend nights and being able to hear every word of the table next to you. Also, a bit pricier than the others, but definitely worth it. The food is fantastic.

                    One of the things I like about Zen is I live closer to it AND I can walk in just about anytime and get a table right away. Not true with downtown restaurants, esp. on the weekend. Of course -- just because you have to wait for a table somewhere doesn't mean the food is good! Look at Olive Garden! People lined up out the door at all hours. Can't figure that one out to save my life!