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May 8, 2007 03:18 PM

Kahoo -- Special sesame ramen?

At lunch today I noticed that they had a special -- spicy sesame ramen with ground pork. It sounded delicious but since that was my first visit to Kahoo, I figured I'd try the shoyu first. Would love to hear feedback about the special, though!

On a side note, the shoyu ramen was great, and the side of spicy fried kaarage was also tasty, even though the spice came from the sauce and mound of white onions / scallions on top instead of being part of the batter. It was interesting that when I first arrived at noontime, I was informed that they only had the shoyu and shio ramen available of the entire menu, but after waiting for a friend for 15 minutes and then finally sitting down, I was told that the full menu was finally available.

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  1. I like the shoyu and shio at Kahoo much better than the miso. The rice dishes look good too but I haven't had a chance to indulge yet. How was the wait?

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      The wait was a minute, tops, both at noon and 12:15pm on a Tuesday. However when we left at slightly before 1pm, there was a line of about 6-8 people, so it definitely pays to arrive early.