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May 8, 2007 02:31 PM

Romantic Dinner near Alexandria?

I'm looking for a romantic restaurant to celebrate a birthday near Old Town Alexandria. Although we're willing to venture into the city too (or country for that matter!). We're foodies and would love any recommendations for unique and savory cuisine!

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  1. No question: Restaurant Eve in Old Town. Do the Tasting Room for a real treat. Let them know your celebrating a birthday!
    In fact, you could have a cocktail at thier PX a couple blocks up King St. prior to your dinner!
    THAT would be a libation and gastronomic duo!

    1. I second Restaurant Eve's Tasting Room. Can't recommend it highly enough. If you can't make it to PX, the cocktails at Eve are no slouch. Unless you can pack away the food, the 9 Course may be overkill. Anything with sweetbreads or anything that's braised I'm sure you'll find savory.

      1. Thanks for your recommendation! How does Restaurant Eve compare with Equinox and 2941? Those are the two other restaurants we're considering.

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          While I adore 2941 and think it's wonderful, neither are in the same realm as Eve's tasting room.

          At either 2941 or Eve I highly reccomend getting the foie gras, even as a supplement- both places are incredibly in their cooking of it.

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            These are all fine restuarants (three of my favorites) but Eve [Tasting Room] is simply the better of the three in terms of quality and originality of food. Eve can be noisy compared to the other three but it is the best food choice. Service at all three is perfect. Equinox probably has the weakest wine list.

            However, if you want to venture acrosss the river, consider Citronelle, Cityzen, and Komi; near Tyson's Corner, consider Maestro; they all share the upper tier with Eve.

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              No debate, Eve is the place you should go.

            2. Thanks for all of your recommendations! We're only in DC for three nights - but we definitely have several great restaurants to choose from now! Eve seems to be the front runner though:)

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                FYI, reservations at Restaurant Eve's Tasting Room and Bistro fill up in advance so call sooner rather than later for a reservation.