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May 8, 2007 02:21 PM

TiGeorges' Chicken and Haitian Cuisine

It’s a very small restaurant, there are only about 7 tables. There’s a tile counter, though, with barstools.

The host is very friendly and extremely hospitable… a really nice guy.

The Island Combo is delicious. You get ¼ chicken, which is extremely tender and moist, and coated with a tasty dry rub. It comes with beans and rice and some spicy cole slaw. As an appetizer, you get twice-fried green plantains and acra (which is deep fried herring and taro root, spiced up real good: a very different flavor and very good). There is also a bowl of chopped garlic in oil that is tasty drizzled over the top.

The Haitian “cola” is actually a “fruit champagne.” It’s non-alcoholic and sweet, but quite refreshing.

I really enjoyed this place, and I’m going to take friends next time.

By the way, what does he cook on that big spit in the front? He says he uses it Fridays, and sometimes Mondays. I wonder if he cooks whole goat.

TiGeorges’ Chicken
309 N. Glendale Blvd. (btwn Beverly and Temple)
Echo Park/Downtown
(213) 353-9994

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  1. I like their sweet potato pudding.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Yeah, that's some good stuff. I wonder if he still makes that "Bordeaux" cake. It had a burnt candy top that tended to stick to the roof of your mouth. Darn, it was fantastic.

      1. Yeah, this place is pretty good. They keep odd hours though; definitely call before heading over.

        1. I used to work in the area (Historic Filipinotown) and not only was the food good, but TiGeorge himself is perhaps one of the most friendliest people on Earth.

          1. hes doing a "taste of haiti" for some friends of mine. a sampling of dishes from the menu and some off menu. should be fun... if you get a group of people together he'll do it for you too.

            theres also live music some nights....

            1. Wow, thanks lil mikey et al.
              Talk about synchronicity, I passed this place yesterday on my way downtown (traffic on the 101 was its usual snarly self, hence surface streets) and was having houndish wonderings as I passed it. Next time, I am stopping for a bite.