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May 8, 2007 02:10 PM

Typical Meal Costs

I am planning a honeymoon to Ireland for late summer, and recently was told that a meal for two consisting of fish and chips and a pint can cost upwards of $50 in a pub in Ireland... do you know if this is typical? We have a rather limited budget, and don't want to arrive on a vacation to find out that meals that we want to splurge on will really break the bank.


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  1. I'm not familiar with prices in Ireland, but I'd be very surprised if any establishment there wasn't cheaper than a comparable establishment in London. With that as background: you're asking if over £12.50 per person is typical for a plate of fish and chips and a pint in a pub. I would say that's on the high side. The pub I ate in tonight, in Mayfair (not the cheapest area of London) was charging £2.75-2.95 for a pint of real ale, and either £6.50 or £7.50 (can't remember which, sorry) for a decent portion of fish and chips. That makes it around $40 for two people, and I'd say those are typical London prices. (Gastropubs will of course charge more.) So you're looking at less than $40 outside London, I'm sure.

    Hope that helps.

    1. $50 is €37 at today's exchange rate, so €18.50 per person.

      Obviously depends whether you're in a city or not, and how posh the pub is, but that seems a little on the high side to me - I'd estimate fish and chips at €10 and a pint at €4.

      So you should come in under €15 per person, or about $40 for both.


        1. re: VT girl

          I was there last year.Those lower pub prices are available even in Dublin with a little detective work. Do yourself a big-time favor and invest in a current copy of The Rough Guide and you'll be alright :-))

        2. For fish and chips in a non-posh place figure 4E a pint and about 6 to 8 E per order. Irish pubs have wonderful soups and those and brown bread are an inexpensive and tasty meal. Where do your plans take you?

          1. Hmmm, I would recommend asking for specific recommendations for places you are going to visit - eating out in Ireland is considerably more expensive than in the US. I would consider myself lucky when living in Cork if I paid 15-20 euro for a nice main course in a restaurant - lots of places that aren't that special will charge upwards of 25 euro for a main. Dublin is generally more expensive again, and really, food and drink in the UK, even London, is often cheaper than comparable in Ireland - sad but true. Pubs are cheaper than restaurants...but lots of them won't give you great food. Some can be really good - especially at lunchtime, but again, get specific recommendations - in some small towns in Ireland you can find fantastic places which are good value, but in others you may be horrified at the quality of the food and what you are paying for it - for example I will never eat in Mitchelstown on the Cork-Dublin road again after several horrendous experiences!