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May 8, 2007 02:05 PM

omakase to die for

hey fellow chowhounds, im pretty new on this site and was referred by a friend to check out this sorta new sushi restaurant in bh. and now im reporting: place was called sushidoko kirala in beverly hills. its kinda hard to first spot but i think it was next to the budget rent-a-car place with all the fancy cars are parked on the corner of wilshire & sm blvd. my friend & i called ahead to request the omakase course a few days ahead and we showed up at 6pm. we were seated quickly by a very cute waitress (think her name was mao, guys, no joke, she was very attentive and easy to get along with, but unfortunately she's got a man~ well anyways, totally professional). she took our drink order and then soon followed by a storm of food...just awsome!! the place isnt the grandest or extra snobby/fancy (like sushiko or whatever took over on rodeo), but very intimate and had a special warm feel. mao told us that the owners of the restaurant took the utmost care in selecting the freshest ingredients/fish from around the world to serve to the most picky sushi/sashimi clientele in los angeles. oh wow, did this place deliver. my buddy and i primarily only eat omakase when dining out in sushi restaurants and this place took the cake. we've been to matsuhisa(c+), wa(c), tenn(b++) (what happened to that place anyways? did it close down? if someone knows, let me know!!!!),mori (b), kiriko (c-), sushiko the original back a few years ago (a+), nishimura (a-), nozawa (b-), sasabune (b-), hump (b+). (thats my gradescale) the two of us drank a bottle of sake (?60 or 70 bucks), ate omakase (110 bucks each) totaling about 330 bucks. not the cheapest but quite resonable considering what was included. live amaebi sushi with the heads still moving on the plate, awabi, oysters, scallops, toro to kill for, the chef also made a plate of spanish makerel and needlenose fish sashimi with served ontop of its raw bones, really cool!! if you are looking around for a very great place to enjoy omakase, this is seriously my pick in town. bottom line: money well spent. next stop urasawa!! maybe next week, my friends told me that this place will def. cost me a arm & a leg~~ look out here we come!! ill keep you guys posted.

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  1. You've really made me want to try this place. Have you tried Kazu on Ventura Blvd in Studio City? He's a total grouch but not a jerk like Nozawa.

    1. I have given Dokoro Ki Ra La several chances, including omakase, and enjoyed some things, but found the sushi not to be special enough and not enough of it for the price point they have to charge at that location. On occasions the fish was stringy.

      1. to answer your question about sushi tenn, yes, sadly, it closed a couple of weeks ago.

        1. It seems that if you want omakase to die for it has to include blowfish.

          1. this is probably my favorite place overall for sushi in LA at the moment. Every place has it's advantages and particular things they are great at (crab hand roll at nozawa, ankimo at sasabune). But I think this place has a little bit of everything. They have creative sashimi (aka carpaccio dishes) but not at the expense of the traditional sushi like at for instance asanebo or kiriko where the sushi is laking. The seared scallop with black truffle is one of my favorites. The ohtoro from italy has been both my least favorite and my favorite at one time or another. What sets this place apart is the service. Usually I don't really care about service at all. I'll take great food over service anyday. But the level of personalization is great here. For instance, my girlfriend noticed that they made smaller pieces of sushi for her to fit her mouth exactly (usually she has to cut the sushi in half with her chopstick). Our chef, Hideki, and the guy who seems to run the place, yoshi, are both very friendly and engaging. A couple of times they even gave us some free kobe beef from Japan. The whole experience is just great overall.

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              Old thread

              Anyways, Sushi Doko Kirala offers fusion style sushi, as I recall on my visit over a year ago. Not bad, not great. It's been off my radar since.

              1. re: J.L.

                I guess if you're a purist you may not like the fusion that nobu ushered in. But I tend to like the earthy flavor the truffle imparts to the scallop or the crunch and spice that the jalepeno adds to the hamachi. I like asanebo and kiriko for their creative sashimi, but their sushi tends to be lacking. That's probably why I like kirala because the sushi is on par in my opinion with zo and sasabune. I don't know what it was like a year ago, since I just started going in the last few months. But I think there's no where else that I've been where you can get the best of both worlds.

                1. re: peppermonkey

                  Actually I am a big fan of fusion, when it's done right. Some of my favorite meals in L.A. have been Japanese fusion. My private room dinners at Matsuhisa are some of the best meals I've ever had. Nobu himself even prepared some stuff for us in the private room on a few occasions.

                  Ken-san at Kiriko has also never disappointed me. My comment above simply points to the fact that I had a mediocre fusion meal at Kirala.

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                    sorry..didn't mean to assume. I guess we just have different tastes.