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Christening cake decoration

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My sister's daughter is getting christened later this month and I was asked to provide the decoration for the cake (which she will buy from a wholesale bakery - that doesn't decorate cakes more than writing something on them). The cake she chose is a lemon mousse cake (delicious) that has a gel-like topping. I am not a cake decorator, but I would like to find something really cute and different for the cake. Does anyone know of stores in Toronto that specialize in cake decoration? I have a car, so location is not too much of a problem. Thanks!

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  1. I have a couple of websites you can look at. Hopefully there is something there that you'll like.

    www.caketop.ca has an amazing array of gumpaste flowers
    www.goldaskitchen.com has a lot of traditional cake decorating supplies
    www.sparkleyourcake.com makes monograms with crystals to use on cakes

    World Of Cake Decorating Ltd -
    1766 Weston Road, York, ON M9N 1V8
    (416) 247-4935

    1. You can also try McCalls - they are at Kipling and Dundas (north west corner). They usually have a lot of cute stuff.

      1. Thanks chefbec and oakvillemom for these excellent recommendations! Much much appreciated!