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May 8, 2007 01:46 PM

Philly-Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants

My sister is coming into town tomorrow and she is a vegetarian..practically vegan. Where in center city/south philly..really anywhere in the city..are there good veggie places to eat? Nothing too fancy, just a place to go for a nice lunch or decent dinner. I'm looking for anything. It can be an all vegetarian place or somewhere that has a good veg. selection. Thanks!

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  1. Search on Horizons which has gotten excellent reviews even from non-vegans. I have never been there but from what I hear it is quite good.

    1. Do a search on this board for recs & raves for Horizon's. The upper level / dining room may be more 'fancy' than you are looking for, but if you have dinner at the bar on the lower level you get the same excellent food / drinks / desserts, lower prices / smaller portions (sans some of the side dishes), and more casual atmosphere.

      I also like Tamarind's on South St. (near Front) for thai; they have some great mock duck dishes and good curries.

      1. Go to Horizons, it's fantastic. I guarantee that you and your sister will be blown away.

        Spyturtle may have been there more recently than I have, but from my recollection, the downstairs bar menu is actually quite different than the upstairs dining room menu. If you want to keep it casual, go to the bar. The dining room is a bit more upscale. Either way, go to Horizons.

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          I was at Horizons a few weeks ago and ate at the downstairs bar- it seems these days they're doing the exact same menu upstairs and downstairs, with no difference in price or portion size.

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            Dang, that's too bad. Last time I was there I had a beer downstairs while waiting for the rest of our party, and the menu downstairs looked better to me than the upstairs menu.

        2. How about Bitar's in S. Philly? You said nothing too fancy, but I'm not sure what you are looking for.

          1. Try New Harmony Chinese Vegetarian restaurant on 9th street. Get one order of the steamed dim sum and one order of the fried and you'll have a great meal with lots of leftovers for $20 (better deal than ordering the all-you-can-eat). Mama's Vegetarian at 20th and Market has great falafel on fluffy homemade pita (ask for it with the eggplant salad on it). Any Thai restaurant will have a selection of tofu/veggie curries. New Samosa Indian/Ghianian vegetarian buffet at 12th and Walnut is also very good and cheap. If you're up for a trip to West Philly, Kabobeesh Pakistani restaurant always has a huge vegetarian platter complete with main dish, side dish, basmati rice, homemade naan, and yogurt dip. Interesting flavors if you've never had Pakistani food, and they also do take-out and have parking. Thank you.

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              Yay! My people.

              Su Xing House on 15th and Sansom serves suprising great chinese vegan lunches, plus they run around $6-7 for soup, entree, side and rice. Really love it.

              1. re: saturninus

                Seconding Su Xing -- my favorite of the four vegan chinese restaurants in the Center City area. (The other three are in Chinatown; New Harmony's already been mentioned, but I think Su Xing and Cherry St. are leaps and bounds better than the others.)

                Su Xing has more tofu dishes, while the others' menus allow you to choose from dozens and dozens of dishes that are meat analogues. So, they've got a slightly different style.

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                  Michael Klein reported last week that Cherry Street Vegetarian has closed.


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                    If any of you heard a loud crack coming from a southerly direction at about 10:23 Wednesday night, that was indeed a piece of my heart breaking... *sniff*!